The Lawsuit Against EOS is Stupid

lawsuit against eos

In case you hadn’t heard, there’s a lawsuit against EOS. Ahh – a fine example of our modern, overly litigious society. I was starting to worry; I hadn’t heard anything along the lines of restaurants being sued because they served hot coffee in a while. The lawsuit details what seems to me to be an allergic reaction. So, naturally, instead of simply going, “Damn, that really sucks, I was excited to try that product, it’s a shame it won’t work out for me,” and throwing it away…what does the plaintiff do? Sue!

Yes, the reaction was unfortunate. As it turns out, it seems like some other people have reactions, too. Also unfortunate. Wait, what?! You mean it’s possible for more than one person to have the same type of allergy? Get off my internet!

Topical Vitamin E allergies aren’t uncommon, but like the moron who made it so that coffee-selling-establishments must provide a warning on the (insulated) cups that hold the (you know, HOT) coffee that they ordered that the contents are, well, what they ordered, Plaintiff & Co. want EOS to label the happy little spheres with scare tactics that something in this could maybe possibly cause an allergy AKA no shit. So can everything else.

Let’s label cartons of eggs, “ALLERGY WARNING: CONTAINS EGG,” while we’re catering to stupidity, why don’t we? People can be allergic to virtually anything; how is the responsibility of a product manufacturer to remind you of that?

I just bought a five pack of EOS balm at Costco, and the blueberry one is pretty great. They may not be my favorite balm out there, but they’re a great value, come in unique flavors, and are cute as hell. It sucks that some people are allergic to some ingredients, really –

 – but the lawsuit against EOS is downright ridiculous.

P.S. Their pomegranate raspberry shave cream is incredible, highly recommend.

3 thoughts on “The Lawsuit Against EOS is Stupid”

  1. The mold that grows in the bottom of the container is a little unappetizing, have to say. But maybe her first call should have been the dermatologist and not her lawyer.

  2. I’ve just stumbled across your blog via reddit and am so glad I did! This post had me giggling out loud enough that my other half started giving me those “you’re crazy but I’m stuck with you” side glances :P

    If a product made my lips “feel like sandpaper” after using it, I sure as hell wouldn’t keep using it in the hopes it would solve the problem it just caused! Its sucks they had a reaction to the product, but as you said allergies can occur anywhere.

    And side note, wtf is with all the moronicly redundant labelling these days? One of my pet peeves is the gluten-free label on things like apples. >.< Seriously?!

  3. PLEASE THE LAWSUIT IS STUPID, you can not sue a damn company because you had an allergic reaction like wth. Who DOES THAT, your just allergic to something in it doesn’t mean you sue you just stop using it!!!!! I mean that would be like suing grass because I might be allergic to grass. WHAT IS GOING THROUGH YOUR HEAD LADY. I’m sorry but this topic just works me up sooooooo much, Who in their right mind sues a LIP company because they are allergic to it. It’s just extremely stupid and a HUGE WASTE OF TIME

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