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I’m a firm believer that good tools, used properly, will take you far. I also believe in investing in quality products in general. The brushes created by Marlena and her team receive consistently great reviews, so my interest has been piqued for a while; I’ve had the Makeup Geek Face Brush Bundle on my wish list for many months but had some other priorities so I hadn’t pulled the trigger.

My husband doesn’t tend to get me makeup-related gifts, so imagine my surprise and delight when I unwrapped the Makeup Geek Face Brush Bundle. SHEER. FREAKING. JOY.

Inside, there was a note from her team reminding me to wash the brushes, and a handwritten one thanking us for the purchase and sending holiday wishes. So, naturally, I washed them and dried them upside-down. It was excruciating (because I was dying to use them), but I got through it.

Makeup Geek Face Brush Bundle

Hello, gorgeous.

So the first thing I noticed about the Makeup Geek Face Brush Bundle was that they have a bit of weight to  them – something I, personally, love. The handles are on the shorter side, too, but I consider this a plus especially in contrast with how unnecessarily long the handles are on the Coastal Scents Elite face brushes.

Next, they are impossibly soft. They feel like kittens, really, but we all know Makeup Geek brushes and products are cruelty free. But they’re not only soft – they’re also very dense! Cue the cherubic choir, already.

Let’s get into the brushes, from top-to-bottom:

  • With the accidental demolition of Inner Light from depotting TFEN, I am currently bereft of highlighters so I don’t know how well it does what it is named after, but it IS delightful for my Josie Maran Argan Infinity blush. The bristles are sturdy and have a stiffness, but they’re soft to the touch. Basically, this little stippling brush is awesome. If it weren’t in the set and I was buying it on my own, I’m not sure I’d buy it over the e.l.f. Studio Small Stipple brush; it’s without-a-doubt higher quality, but the e.l.f. brush does the job. Regardless, I’m pleased to have it because it certainly does outperform the e.l.f. one.
  • I have a problem and it is buffing brushes. I like that this dense, ultra-soft Face Buffing Brush one has its edges trimmed so that it comes to a shallow dome shape (in contrast to the Sigma F80‘s flat top). I’m not getting rid of my other buffers (quelle horreur!), but as of the moment, this one is my FAVORITE. It’s great for applying my Sephora Teint Infusion serum foundation.
  • It’s going to take me some time to get used to using this because I’m positively useless when it comes to contouring. Unfortunately, I haven’t given it much of a run, yet. That said, this is the only brush that has shed at all, and it only shed precisely TWO bristles during the initial (aggressive) wash. Not a loss!
  • By far the most unique one (for my set) is the Angled Stippling Brush. It doesn’t look like a stippling brush to me so much as an angled kabuki or buffer, but you can call it Oliver and I’m not going to argue. So far, I’ve used it for blush and an attempt at contouring (which went quite well, thank you) and it is SO DAMN COOL.
  • Finally, the rounded blush brush is great for a precise blush application. I’ve seen Marlena use it for contouring, too, so I’ll need to try her technique and maybe this Too Faced Chocolate Soleil and NYX Taupe blush I have can get some use.

I try very hard not to tell people they, “need,” X, Y, or Z product here on the blog. So I won’t. But I will say each piece of the Makeup Geek Face Brush Bundle set is sturdy, soft, and lovely – they wash well, they apply well, and feel like they’re going to last for years to come. Also, brushes are a wonderful beauty gift to give for any occasion – you don’t have to worry about skin tone, or if they, “have that palette already,” or what-have-you (because there’s nothing wrong with a couple brush dupes). I’d highly recommend this set to anyone – brush hoarder or newbie alike.

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