January 2016 Favorites

January 2016 Favorites
January 2016 Favorites
1. San Francisco Bay Single-Serve Coffee, varies* / 2. EOS Blueberry Acai, $4
3. Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum, $18 / 4. Remington Smooth & Silky Foil Shaver, $30

Okay, one month down. Three until pleasant weather. Here’s what I distracted myself with through the bleary first month of 2016; my January 2016 favorites!

This month, my coffee consumption was at an all-time high. I love this coffee; in addition to being good (and they have a dozen or so roasts and blends) and cost friendly, the packaging is environmentally sound; the cup is biodegradable. Due to its design, you never end up with grounds in your coffee or clogging the needle of your Keurig. Their 36 pack of single-serve pods comes just under $18, but I like to buy the 120 pack for $42~. If you don’t have a Keurig, they also sell beans and ground coffee for your brewing pleasure. In addition to running through San Francisco Bay Coffee K-Cups (shown), I’ve opened both a Dunkin Donuts DDPerks account and a Starbucks Rewards account. Eek.

Winter finally decided to show up and my lips and are slightly mad, so I’m applying more than normal to avoid painful cracking. Is it the best balm in the world? No, but it’s decent, and it’s what I’ve been loving this month. Do I care about the lawsuit? No. The blueberry flavor is everything, better than both Strawberry and Lemon (previous favorites from EOS).

Winter = blowdrying after most of the times I shampoo. My hair needs more help in the moisture department (still hunting), but this serum does a good job keeping frizz at bay and it lasts forever. 1-2 pumps takes care of my bra-band-length hair. Throw mousse in my roots and this on from the ears down, then dry. Sleek, frizz-free hair achieved.

Some people choose to shave less frequently in the winter. Not me – not a fan of the feeling. That said, conventional razors tear up my skin if I use them too often, so I need an alternative. This helps me stay smooth and gets the job done quick (even out of the shower!).

What did you love this month?