Value Sets

Throughout the year (but especially during the holidays!) retailers and brands offer samplers or value sets where you pay $X amount for several products. Like anything else, some are hits, some are misses. I’ve bit on a few of these before – a Marc Jacobs rollerball trio three years ago for $39 (still have more than half of each – definitely happy with that purchase!), The Too Faced Everything Nice Holiday 2014 Set for $59 (while I still love most of the shadows in this, if I were doing it over with over a year of hindsight, I’m not sure I would have purchased).

What I’ve never purchased for myself, however, are the Sephora-curated value sets. It’s foolish really, because some of them have been really good. I think value sets are a great way to a) try new product without committing to a full-price, full-size; b) a good way to revive your collection; and c) Sample sizes are always great for purses and travel.

Value Sets - Sephora Paint it PinkValue Sets – Sephora Paint it Pink, $40


When my first-quarter no buy ended, in addition to Luminoso, I treated myself to one of Sephora’s current value sets – the $40 Paint it Pink (via the Wayback Machine) set. I’ve only just received it so I haven’t had much time to mess with it and evaluate it – but brace yourself; like Game of Thrones, reviews are coming.

Sometimes, you know, it’s the little things – literally. Somehow, miniature cupcakes are approximately 70% more delicious than their normal-sized counterparts. It’s science (not really).