Rare Sephora Discount

Rare Sephora Discount

Sephora addicts know that sales are seldom, which is a painful thing for a sale-shopper such as myself. I’m happy to pay for quality, but some products just have absurd markup. The rare Sephora discount offered up for BI/VIB/VIBR semi-annually is great, particularly if you had a shopping list to contend with. But you have to wait, after all – they usually pop-up around April and October or November.

To the point: I just learned that there’s a somewhat-hush-hush 10% off code available for use once annually. It is good on your whole order. Too good to be true, and yet… it isn’t.

So, the sneaky, rare Sephora discount code that I just discovered is:


The catch, however, is that it is only available to VIB and VIB Rouge members. Don’t rush to VIB if you weren’t already planning to make purchases to take you to that tier; the discount isn’t that big of a deal.

Now that my no-buy is over, I tested it and it worked successfully as of Sunday, March 13. Regrettably, I could not find any details about an expiration date, so I’d suggest trying it sooner rather than later if you have purchases you need to make. Let me know what you picked up with the code in the comments below.