December 2015 Favorites

December 2015 Favorites
December 2015 Favorites
1. Boots Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm, $7 / 2. Pointed-Tip Cotton Swabs, $5
3. Sephora Serum Foundation, $24 / 4.  Hot Tools Digital Titanium Flat Iron, $60
5. Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow in Space Cowboy, $21

Dear heavens how the hell is it 2016? WHAT IS TIME DOING. That said, it’s now the first Wednesday of January…so that means its time for my December 2015 Favorites. Meanwhile I’ll be working on my incredibly premature midlife crisis.

Incorporating this balm cleanser into my routine is the second best thing I’ve ever done for my skin, Clarisonic being the first. I think I prefer this to doing a masque, frankly, and I just discovered a gentle clay masque, too. Not that I have to choose, but I can see myself using this 1-2x weekly more consistently than using a masque 1-2x weekly. So inexpensive, so glorious – and I’m not even halfway through the tub.

I didn’t do a ton of badass winged liner this month, which is odd because I usually take full advantage of the holidays an excuse for intense makeup – but when I did, these pointed-tip cotton swabs helped me fix and sharpen my wings when I screwed up. They’re also fantastic for fixing imprecise lipcolor application and (carefully!) precisely applying small amounts of glitter. The ones pictured are from Walgreens, but they’re all fairly similar.

I wrote a glowing review of this foundation last year, and somewhere in mid- to late-summer I stopped using it as often (hell if I know why). I started back up again in December and had to wonder what I was thinking because this stuff is just so wonderful on my skin. I love to apply with a buffer like the Sigma F80 or the Coastal Scents Elite Buffer.

I definitely prefer curled hair to straight hair, but I can straighten my hair a hell of a lot faster than I can curl it, and time is frequently a concern for me. My new Hot Tools flat iron is glorious – heats incredibly swiftly and glides like a dream. Definitely glad I purchased it, I’ve been using it frequently. Or, well, frequently for me.

What better occasion(s) for glitter than the holidays? This eyeshadow is a glitterbomb, but I love an excuse to wear it. It’s silver glitter in a beige base, but the beige isn’t very opaque at all…so you can basically throw it atop anything. Also, being a fan of Cowboy Bebop, I had to have it just for the name. I’ve owned it for about a year and a half, now (thank you, Shannon!) and it’s one of my favorites.

What products were you loving the most last month?