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Dove Pure Care Dry OilDove Pure Care Dry Oil

In April, I mentioned having purchased the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil shampoo and conditioner to try. I’ve been using it since early April and feel good about talking about it.

The Dove Pure Care Dry Oil shampoo and conditioner pair would be amazing for someone with a dry scalp or dry hair. It is exceptionally moisturizing (and didn’t cause me to break out on my shoulders or chest or anything [my hair is long!]).

Being an oil-based shampoo, it doesn’t lather immensely. It isn’t as devoid of suds as an SLS-free product would be, but if you get your kicks from tiny bubbles, you won’t get that from this. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t clean – it does. You just won’t be achieving a lather half-afro with it.

The Dove Pure Care Dry Oil conditioner is moisturizing. Definitely better than the Tresemme I’ve been using. Better than the Neutrogena, Suave, and Nexxus, but not quite as good as my old Tigi Moisture Maniac, and DEFINITELY not as good as my Aussie 3-Minute Miracle.

Used together, they impart a significant, noticeable shine to the hair without any additional product or heat styling. My strands were brilliant, and it was a really a pleasant surprise to see. Dove actually makes few claims about this product for me to scrutinize:

Nourishes, moisturizes, detangles
I agree with this. My hair is moisturized, not prone to getting sassy or tangled after use.

Replenishes lost or damaged lipids
Unfortunately, I lack the resources to test this for sure. Since this is oil-based product and lipids consist of fatty acids and things made from them…it isn’t unreasonable.

Leaves hair sublimely silky
Yes, absolutely, without a doubt.

So, actually, congrats on not going overboard with marketing buzz-words and tomfoolery with the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil stuff.

Like I mentioned in my First Look post, it does smell very strongly of dryer sheets. This is no subtly-fragranced shampoo or conditioner – if you are scent-sensitive I would recommend that you steer clear. Even though it isn’t a bad smell, it is a strong one, and it does linger for quite a long while. I am not easily bothered by normal fragrance, but I found this one getting to me – and although I enjoy the scent dryer sheets leave behind on my clothing, I don’t appreciate that smell on steroids in my hair all day (I could smell it all. day. long).

One downside to the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil duo is that because they’re so moisturizing, I can’t go quite as far between shampoos. Whereas I could go 3-4 days, I can only go 2-3 tops with this line combined with my scalp’s natural oil production.

The Bottom Line

I’m rationing what I have left for occasions I want super-shiny hair with little effort, but probably will not repurchase the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil shampoo and conditioner. It didn’t make my hair or scalp angry, but having to shampoo more frequently than I want to is a big deal-breaker. I obviously enjoy beauty-related pursuits, but I don’t want to be ruled by my routine; having to shampoo and condition every day or every other day is a pain for me.

It IS a good shampoo and conditioner, though, don’t get me wrong – it just isn’t right for me at the moment. If you don’t mind washing daily to every-other-day, this might be good for you – or if you have drier hair or a drier scalp, this might be awesome for you! If you’d like to try them, the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Shampoo and Conditioner, as well as the treatment (that I did not try) are available on Amazon, in mass merchants, or in drugstores.

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  1. Girl I shampoo my hair once a day. In the hot season, twice. You don’t know how lucky you got it! This sounds like a trip to grease town for me!

    • I used to wash daily, too – getting my hair to go as long as it does was no simple task. That’s why I’m reluctant to use this regularly; I’d end up undermining my own effort! I’ll use it up because I loathe being wasteful but it won’t be my primary and I won’t repurchase.

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