Manicure Bowl – $2 at Sally Beauty!

I don’t really enjoy salon manicures as much as some women, so I usually do my own. For years, I’d just grab a bowl or Tupperware container from the kitchen, add my soapy cocktail to it, and get on with it.


Despite not enjoying salon manicures (due to the limited polish longevity, price, and the fact that I’m just weird and don’t like my hands being, well, handled), my few experiences that had me use a manicure bowl were pleasant – when I saw that you can get a sturdy plastic one from Sally Beauty for under $2, I decided to pick one up when I hauled last month.

The design of the manicure bowl is far more ergonomically friendly than just any ol’ bowl, featuring a founded palm-rest, resulting in greater comfort for you (or your client/manicure recipient). No need to awkwardly perch your wrist on the side of the bowl and point your fingers down; this feels far more natural!

My Manicure Bowl$2 Manicure Bowl from Sally Beauty

On top of that, because the manicure bowl’s well is limited to the finger area instead of being a big basin, you need less water and less product to get the job done. This was less than half a cup!

I only empty and refill it with water and product IF the water has cooled down too much between hands. Even swapping out the liquid, you’re still using less than you would in a standard bowl from your kitchen.

What goes in it?

That depends who you ask. As for me, I most often use a couple drops of Dawn (the original – yes, really!) dish soap and warm water. Depending on the condition of my cuticles, I will squirt some Blue Cross Cuticle Remover in there. Sometimes, I’ll sub the Dawn out for Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash. In my opinion, although fancy stuff is NICE, it isn’t a requirement for a successful or relaxing manicure. Some people think that Dawn is too hardcore, but if you’re only soaking your fingertips for 3-5 minutes, you’ll be fine.

I’ve given myself three manicures with my new <$2 manicure bowl since I’ve purchased it and am finding the soaking step much more pleasant. If you don’t want to hold your tableware hostage to your manicure whims, consider getting one of these. You should be able to get one at any beauty supply or on Amazon.