Taking Paws(e)

One of my two cats had an unplanned vet visit yesterday. My gentle giant is on the mend but it was stressful for us both.

Regrettably, because of that, I did not take the time to prepare content for today. Thanks for bearing with me while I smother my seven-year-old, not-so-little (19.1 pound) beast with affection. #justcatmomthings

Normal content returns Wednesday. In the meantime, here are some on- and off-topic things that have been cool:


I got my balayage highlights retouched on Saturday morning. I went a bit more aggressive this time; not quite to my goal. Since I am a hair-coward and I’d rather take baby steps than risk overdoing it. It was, just as before, a really lovely experience.


Would you think a $25-30 dress in this day and age to:

  1. be a decent-weight fabric
  2. be work-appropriate
  3. be well-constructed?

Yeah, me either. Homeyee, found on Amazon, is a purveyor of such inexpensive dresses. The brand is worn by ladies who work in television (think news anchors, meteorologists, talk show hosts). I took a gamble and bought a few; Prime- and return-eligible, what did I have to lose? As it turns out, they’re incredible for the price. Just make sure you stick to their size chart (in the product photos), not Amazon’s, to judge sizing. They’re constructed better than some work-appropriate dresses I have that cost 3-4x as much. Needing to replace some worn-out items, I purchased this 3/4 sleeved one in two colors and this one as well.

I Wear Old Spice Deodorant

Old Spice BeargloveOld Spice Bearglove, $4 at Target

Fun Fact: I’m a twenty-five year-old woman, and I wear Old Spice deodorant. Bearglove, to be precise – and just the deodorant, not the antiperspirant. I like girly things and I have more dresses in my wardrobe than anything else.

I’m not:

  • Conducting some strange social experiment
  • Making a statement to society
  • Stealing my husband’s grooming items
    (He does wear Old Spice, but a different variety that smells way more masculine to us.)

There are plenty of reasons why many ladies like myself have ditched the feminine deodorants.

My top reasons:

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No Buy Check In

There’s strength in numbers – so I thought I’d share my, “progress,” in case anyone else is on a No Buy. My No Buy ran from Christmas to February 25. I am granting myself a brief reprieve, then resuming.

Incredibly, I’ve managed to not buy a single beauty product during that window. It hasn’t been without temptation.

The Rules

  • No new makeup, brushes, storage, or other tools
  • No new hair products or tools
  • No new nail products or tools
  • No fragrance purchases
  • No new skincare (but replenishment of facial cleanser and body lotion OK as realistically needed)
  • No purchases of beauty services (nail, hair, etc)

During my no buy, I setup rules to auto-delete my e-mails from Sephora, Ulta, Tarte, and MAC (that’s all I’m subscribed to) without reading them. I avoided the beauty section of YouTube for the most part. If I didn’t have something, I had to do without.

What Almost Got Me

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Biotin and Blemishes

biotin gummies

First things first: Remember, I’m not a doctor or a medical professional. I’m not qualified to dispense medical advice. My experiences are not gospel, and you should always do your homework and consult a doctor about supplements and whatnot.

Last Summer

I started taking these yummy Biotin gummy supplements to help get some excessive shedding in check before I took the plunge on haircolor. I mentioned those gummies in my August 2016 Favorites post.

After three weeks of use, I started to see desirable results. My shedding slowed back to a normal rate. and over the next month my hair seemed to be in overall better shape. Beyond the hair on my head, my eyebrows have actually fleshed out pretty well – that wasn’t my original goal with the supplement, but a welcomed effect nonetheless, as it means I can spend less time and product on my brows.

It has been nearly eight months, and my hair is happy!

Biotin and Your Skin

My skin, however, is not. In that favorites post, I mentioned that I had read that acne-prone individuals experienced an increase in breakouts. I wouldn’t describe myself as acne-prone, but I didn’t get away scot-free. Just as I thought my skin had stabilized, I started to experience blemishes unlike my usual ones about eight weeks in.

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Maybelline and Manny

Maybelline and Manny

A couple months ago, Maybelline, purveyors of my favorite (and therefore most-purchased and most-used) drugstore concealer, announced that MannyMUA as a new, “face,” of Maybelline.

What This Post is Not

This post is not commentary on the presence of men in the beauty community. It doesn’t bother me that some gentlemen enjoy cosmetics. That just means we have something in common. Manny Fans: If you’re reading, this isn’t a Roast of MannyMUA, but there is critical content. Keep the comments classy, thanks.

What This Post Is

The aim of this post is instead to comment on the judgment and business decision-making. The partnership between Maybelline and Manny was surprising to me. Although MannyMUA is a popular beauty YouTube personality, he has been embroiled in several incidents in the fairly-recent past.

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