A Sweet Feit Vanity Mirror

Feit Vanity Mirror

Now that I have space, I get to enjoy the luxury of a vanity. The majority of my setup is simple, and we’ll get into that another time. I’d acquired all of the critical pieces (and, in fact, already owned part of it), but I lacked a mirror. Since I own this Jerdon mirror, it wasn’t a big deal.

But Let’s Talk about Vanity Mirrors

Sure, you can get those retro-looking lit mirrors rimmed with globe-shaped bulbs if you’re into that whole vintage glamour thing. You can also roast in the heat they offput, hoping desperately that your makeup doesn’t start to melt as soon as you apply it.

But why? Those setups can be expensive, then you have the ongoing cost of bulbs to manage, and so forth. (But if that’s the vibe you want, live your best damn life.)

As for me, I don’t put much stock into that; I need functional, not luxurious. And although I didn’t explicitly set a budget for this project, I was inclined to keep the price low since I have a low overall beauty budget for 2018.

Costco to the Rescue

So when I happened across the Feit 24″x32″ LED vanity mirror on a recent trip to Costco (on sale for $50 through 8/31; $80 regular price), you better believe I snatched it up. The Feit mirror can be mounted horizontally or vertically; I chose a horizontal installation for my vanity to give me some flexibility in how I sit when I use it to get ready.

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Bi-Weekly WTF :: Vol 5 – Simplehuman Wide-Angle Mirror

Tiny apartment life means no room for a vanity. It also means that the sink and bathroom counter are very small and that the mirror sucks. So I, like many other women, have a foldable lighted makeup mirror. I own the older version of this one from Jerdon that rotates to a magnifying mirror. It has an AC Adapter in the front so you plug in any powered skincare tools or hair tools you’d like to use in front of a mirror. Instagram fodder? Not really – but it gets the job done and that’s what I need.


A Little Chic, A Lot of Cash

Simplehuman, however, makes mirrors for folks who want their makeup mirror to double as a photo prop. This eight-inch lighted mirror of theirs costs $180 and is already enough to make my eyes bulge out of my head like a Looney Toons character. It’s prettier than what I use, for sure – but it is smaller, single-paned, etc. Similar models with a few other bells and whistles (including WiFi – WTF?) run up to $250. A mirror does not need to be network connected!

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