Unpopular Opinion – It’s a 10 Miracle Leave‑In Product

It's a 10 Miracle Leave‑In ProductIt’s a 10 Miracle Leave‑In Product

At some point, leave-in conditioners stopped being quite as cool and therefore stopped being marketed quite as heavily (until recently-ish). For me, although argan oil is lovely for my hair, I don’t achieve the same results with it as I did the leave-ins of yore. My lightened ends are a bit drier than the rest of my hair, so I like to help them out.

In January, having stalked sales and armed with a gift card, I purchased a small bottle of It’s a 10 Miracle Leave‑In Product. Stylists I respect rave about it. Regular ol’ non-beauty-educated folks I know in, “real life,” rave about it. Bloggers I trust that fall on either end of that spectrum rave about it. Can that many people be wrong?

In a Word? Yep

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Unpopular Opinion: On Urban Decay Druggie at Sephora

Over the past week, I’ve seen entirely too many articles decrying Sephora for selling an eyeshadow named, “Druggie.” I anticipate my opinion on this matter to be fairly unpopular – and while I welcome dissent and discussion in the comments, let’s keep it civil.

Making Light of It

Those upset say that the shade name is insensitive; that it makes light of the losses so many have experienced related to addiction. There’s even a Change.org petition with over a thousand signatures begging Sephora to pull the shade. They even go so far as to suggest alternate names.

Urban Decay Druggie

Interestingly enough, these articles and people are largely targeting Sephora, like they made the damn shade name. Fun fact, people: Sephora doesn’t own Urban Decay or Urban Decay Druggie eyeshadow or the After Dark palette. Efforts would be better focused there, or at their parent company, L’Oreal.

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