Naked2 Basics from Urban Decay

Urban Decay Naked2 Basics comes out August 19!Naked2 Basics from Urban Decay

I’ve been wondering if they were going to pull this for a long time, and they have – Urban Decay is coming out with a second, “basics,” palette – Naked2 Basics!

Because they like to repeat themselves (consistency isn’t a bad thing) Naked and Naked Basics were “warm,” neutral palettes, so Naked2 and the newly-minted Naked2 Basics are, “cool.” Rather than being all-matte, one shade (Skimp) features a slight satin finish, allegedly to help with highlighting.

Although I had zero interest in getting Naked Basics (despite my love of warm neutrals), I am actually somewhat interested in Naked2 basics – I don’t have as many cooler neutrals, and I can actually do more with a taupe-neutral than I can a tan one…on my skin, anyway. I also love that the palette doesn’t come with yet another freaking black. I have enough black eyeshadow to last ten years. Dark brown, however, I don’t have many of, and could use the heck out of.

I won’t be buying as soon as it drops, but it is definitely on my wishlist – hopefully I will obtain it by the holidays. I wonder if they will come out with a rose-hued matte, Naked3 Basics..?

How about you? Are you another Urban Decay / Naked loyalist, eager to leap on the opportunity? Are you a neutral-hoarder? (It’s okay, this is a safe place.) Or are you over the neutrals? If so, what do you want instead?

Naked2 Basics will be available directly from starting August 19 (just under a week!) for $29.