Business Trip Makeup

First – I survived my flights! I shared the contents of my TSA Approved Quart Bag, but what about business trip makeup?

It depends on the trip.

For me, the contents of my quart bag will be more-or-less the same regardless of the nature of the flight. Makeup, however, is going to different significantly between a business trip and, say, flying out of town for a wedding or a brief vacation.

Context is important. I’m attending an conference for a product my industry uses. This means I will be representing my organization to one of our vendors… to me, this calls for trying a little harder than just looking awake (which I can frequently swing at my office, being both a combination of my field and business casual office). I will be in conferences and meetings during the day, and there is a reception cocktail hour one of the evenings, and we will likely have to do dinner-type things with this vendor.

Business Trip MakeupMy business trip makeup

Here’s what I brought, considering space is a premium:

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