2015 Holiday Gift Guide – Under 50

If you’re looking to spend up to $50 on beauty gifts, I’m keeping the gift guides going – here are some gift ideas in the Under $50 range.

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray Duo, $39

Normally $30 for one, this is a pair of full-sized UD All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray. I picked up one of these and split it with a friend during Sephora’s VIB sale, but still $39 for two is a great price. Anyone who needs their makeup to last a little longer (who doesn’t?) can benefit from this.


Burberry Kisses Lipstick, $33

Want to give a little luxe? Britain’s iconic, classic luxury brand has an outstanding makeup line. The chic packaging of the product is pretty enough, but this particular lipstick comes in 28 shades. All you need to do is decide to get a color your recipient will wear and enjoy all the time, or something more preferable for special occasions.



LORAC PRO and PRO 2, $42 each

The LORAC PRO was my first palette, and then I purchased, swatched, and reviewed the LORAC PRO Palette 2 when it came out. From the standpoint of owning both, they would both make great gifts for someone starting out or who has an established collection.

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2015 Holiday Sets

Now that we’re nearly in October (tomorrow!), most (if not all) of the 2015 Holiday Sets have been announced.

I’m not impressed, unfortunately.

Actually, that’s not true – the Kat von D Mi Vida Loca Remix palette ($59) is so awe-inspiring that it is about beyond words, actually. Pretty sure it’s been out of stock since it hit the shelves and site though. Just look at it, though. It is colorful, but not jarring like UD Electric can be – and it. has. neutrals. to help balance out the brights. Santa?

2015 Holiday Sets - KvD Mi Vida Loca

Otherwise, though – not impressed. No one is killing it this year!

Too Faced always goes cutesy, but Jarrod’s vision this year is just weird. French-inspired cutesy. With sets like Le Grand Palais at Sephora for $59 (that looks oddly familiar)…

2015 Holiday Sets - Le Grand Palais

and La Petite Maison at Ulta ($39; actually has many of the same shades as Everything Nice; pretty sure none of them are unique to this palette)… meh.

2015 Holiday Sets - Too Faced La Petite Maison

I’ve already talked about Vice-however-many, $59. I’ve been over it. No need to go into it more, here.

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Sephora Cream Blush in Golden Spice

Since I discovered that cream blush is actually pretty neat, I’ve been looking for inexpensive ones to try. In Sephora recently, they had a few shades marked down so I was able to pick up Sephora Cream Blush in Golden Spice for $8.

In the pan, before swatching, Golden Spice looked like a golden rosy blush – I thought it might be nice for fall since my other blushes are lighter or brighter.

Getting it home, I had a hell of a time opening it, thinking that it would open at the seam in the front like, oh, every other single compact that looks like this.
Sephora Cream Blush in Golden Spice - Hinges

Nope. There are indents for your fingers on the sides! It isn’t meant to be pried from there, though; you gently squeeze on the indents and the lid springs open effortlessly.

Because I’m an impatient oaf sometimes, I failed to get a photo of this before meddling with the contents. The rosy Sephora Cream Blush in Golden Spice is SO LOVELY and the first swatch was fantastic. I was excited to add it into my rotation.My first use though, happened on a workday with no time to remove or redo. The below photo shows just a hint of the sparkle. I’m basically channeling Ke$ha, here.

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