Sephora Cream Blush in Golden Spice

Since I discovered that cream blush is actually pretty neat, I’ve been looking for inexpensive ones to try. In Sephora recently, they had a few shades marked down so I was able to pick up Sephora Cream Blush in Golden Spice for $8.

In the pan, before swatching, Golden Spice looked like a golden rosy blush – I thought it might be nice for fall since my other blushes are lighter or brighter.

Getting it home, I had a hell of a time opening it, thinking that it would open at the seam in the front like, oh, every other single compact that looks like this.
Sephora Cream Blush in Golden Spice - Hinges

Nope. There are indents for your fingers on the sides! It isn’t meant to be pried from there, though; you gently squeeze on the indents and the lid springs open effortlessly.

Because I’m an impatient oaf sometimes, I failed to get a photo of this before meddling with the contents. The rosy Sephora Cream Blush in Golden Spice is SO LOVELY and the first swatch was fantastic. I was excited to add it into my rotation.My first use though, happened on a workday with no time to remove or redo. The below photo shows just a hint of the sparkle. I’m basically channeling Ke$ha, here.

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