Glambot Experience and Haul – Part Three


I discovered that one lipsticks I purchased and that is shared in this series, MAC Cosmo, had gone bad after detecting a foul crayon-like smell. I checked with Glambot to see if they check the batch numbers of products they put up for sale to ensure they aren’t selling extraordinarily old products…they don’t, the lipstick I received was over seven years old.


Disclaimer: The following post was sponsored by Glambot ( I was not paid to write, but let it be known that I did receive discounted product for consideration. My content, thoughts, and words are my own. I would not have accepted a discount if I wouldn’t have written about my experience with them anyway. You can visit my Legal page for more detail.

Welcome back to Part Three of my Glambot Experience series! Check out:
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On Wednesday, I left off having removed the shadows and pigment from their packaging. Next up is blush. I had been wanting Fleur Power for a while after seeing a Redditor on /r/MakeupAddiction use it, so I was really excited. Up close:
glambot13MAC Fleur Power, opened. There is a small foam round protecting the product with another vellum Glambot paper on top. They come right out.


It is difficult to tell here, but the product is scarcely used. Swatched-only to three uses at absolute most. The outer packaging, though it was also hard to tell, looks as if it sat amongst a well-used makeup collection (though it is by no means in bad shape – but you know how you sit a shiny plastic thing around things you use and grab often? The plastic will lose its luster. No big deal, no bothers given by me). glambot15

Lipsticks! I’m not sure if the, “GB,” logo on the stickers is heat sensitive, but they looked a bit more vibrant before I grabbed them. No big deal though, you can still (sort of) see them.glambot06

MAC Syrup annnnd…glambot_macsyrup

MAC Cosmo! They both definitely have the right weight for MAC lipsticks.glambot_maccosmo

Caps off. These products were sterilized before being shipped, but you can do it again yourself if you’re concerned. As you can see, Syrup has only a little left, but Cosmo is almost full (YAY!) – just for giggles, I took my existing MAC lipstick (Brave, purchased from a MAC counter) and compared the packaging, logos, bottom sticker, etc – they’re legit!glambot16

So that’s it for the haul from and my overall verdict is that they’re worth a shot, especially with promos like 10% off (click here to get that discount!). Understandably, they aren’t for everyone (not everyone is comfortable with pre-owned, sterilized cosmetics – not unreasonable), but they’re definitely a great way to try something out without paying full price for it and possibly not liking it. There are certain things that I would not, under any circumstances, buy pre-owned – false lashes, lipgloss whose applicator goes inside the product, mascara (and I do not believe they sell any of these in used condition) – as I am not convinced that these can be sterilized effectively, and I lack the equipment to verify otherwise.

The rest of my thoughts:

  • The site is reasonably responsive, but not without improvement opportunities.
    • Personally, I would really love if they had an option to display more than twelve items per page; I am not a fan of having to go through, for example 145 pages of product. If they introduced a 48-items-per-page option, for example, that would knock that 145 pages of MAC products down to 37 – this would make browsing and shopping more efficient, and would be even better with 60/72/96-items-per-page options.
    • I also wish unavailable items did not show up in searches or category listings.
    • Additionally, although you can filter by brand once you’re in a specific category, but it would be fantastic if there were a straightforward way to shop by brand. You can search for a brand and find items that way, it would be nice if the top bar had a, “Brand,” subsection that you could mouse over and click, “Tarte,” “Urban Decay,” etc.
      • Taking this a step further, the brand filters on the left side of the site once you’re in a product category (eyes, face, etc) has a couple duplicates; NARS and MAC appear twice each and have different products. This is because their filter is case sensitive so, “MAC,” and, “MAc,” return different things, as do, “NARS,” and, “nars.”
    • Another thing worth noting is that Glambot uses URLs for their discounts rather than promo codes you enter at the end – you can get 10% off at by clicking here.
  • Glambot has an FAQ, as well as a section of pages detailing what can be sold, how to estimate your earnings, and how to package your potential items-for-sale to them. I do not have anything I am interested in selling at this time, so I have not experienced this process. This route is nice if you aren’t sure how to sterilize or don’t want to/cannot take the time to do so. Based on their earnings chart, you may make more money selling that only-swatched lipstick that doesn’t flatter you to a friend – but that does not mean Glambot is trying to cheap out on you. Remember that it is providing a service – they pay for the shipping from you-to-them (yes!), they verifiy its authenticity, and they sterilize the product. When you take those things into account, it isn’t a bad deal.
  • Standard shipping was quick, but I did not receive a shipment/tracking notice – I’m not sure if that was just my case or if that is the norm, but keep that in mind. Standard shipping, at this time, is USPS Priority.
  • They package their items really well. The time they take and materials they invest in to do so speak to their commitment to delivering quality products. I think so, anwyay.
  • The contents of my order were accurately described, I am satisfied with what I received. I don’t need to wax poetic on this, it is pretty much what the bulk of the series and photos discussed.

In all, I would do business with them again. I can’t say they will always be the first place I hit when I am looking for a product because my preference is for new items. That said, if the new version of that product is more than I want to spend OR I cannot find that product (sold out, limited edition, discontinued, etc) I will make a beeline for If I want a MAC blush or eyeshadow refill pan, though, I’m checking to see if Glambot has it first.


Worth it? Benefit Brow Bar

Benefit Brow Bar
Benefit Brow Bar

I visited a Benefit Brow Bar at my local Ulta to whip my eyebrows into shape for the first time. I plucked for years (more on that in a minute) but was ready for some professional help. But first, here’s why I eschewed it until my mid-twenties.

Prior (Jaded) Experience

Let’s rewind a handful-or-so (cough) of years. I was getting my nails done and my nail technician offered a brow wax. I had no idea what the heck to do with my eyebrows. For only $7, I figured it would be fine. (Narrator: It was not fine.)

She whisked me to the rear of the salon and plopped me into a chair next to a few vats of warming wax. She grabbed a coworker and spoke to her, gestured to her own brows, and directed her back to me – evidently not everyone was qualified to perform waxing services. Fair enough.

Wordlessly, this new employee tilted my head back in the chair and grabbed a popsicle stick. She didn’t speak to me, ask what I wanted, if I had done it before; immediately, she dipped the stick in the wax and spread it around my brow, applied a cloth, and ripped with no warning. She did this several times, then moved to my left brow. She repeated the same process on the left. When she moved to the tail area of the brow, she pressed the cloth down and yanked again. It was far more painful than the other previous yanks of cloth-and-wax. I opened my eyes, wincing, and noticed her eyes were wide and concerned. “Oops…” she said.

So…that’s how you end up with half of an eyebrow. From the arch to the tail – gone. Thankfully, I wore side bangs at this time (because I had neither the product or the skill to fill in my now-misshapen brows). I eschewed waxing for years and plucked instead. Can you blame me?

Get in Shape

I was scarred (emotionally) for YEARS, so I plucked on my own. I later noticed that reputable area salons and spas in my area offered brow services along but couldn’t help but wonder:

Although someone knows how to effectively rip hair from your body with sticky goo, do they know shaping best practices?

Legs, underarms, and Brazilian waxes don’t exactly require much shaping; many cases like a closeout sale everything must go. That isn’t the case with our eyebrows, though, as they serve to frame our eyes and face.

I discovered that Benefit offers select waxing services at their Brow Bars located in Ulta stores, Macy’s locations, and a half dozen other places. Members of /r/MakeupAddiction on Reddit passionately instruct newcomers to take their their untouched brows to a Benefit Brow Bar to fix them up.

Read more

Glambot Experience and Haul – Part Two


I discovered that one lipsticks I purchased and that is shared in this series, MAC Cosmo, had gone bad after detecting a foul crayon-like smell. I checked with Glambot to see if they check the batch numbers of products they put up for sale to ensure they aren’t selling extraordinarily old products…they don’t, the lipstick I received was over seven years old.

Disclaimer: The following post was sponsored by Glambot ( I was not paid to write, but let it be known that I did receive discounted product for consideration. My content, thoughts, and words are my own. I would not have accepted a discount if I wouldn’t have written about my experience with them anyway. You can visit my Legal page for more detail.

Continuing from Part One last Saturday, I left off at having received my Glambot package only two days after ordering (though I did not receive a shipment confirmation, so I wasn’t sure when to expect it.) I tore open a the USPS Priority Bubble Mailer that arrived open to find a shiny, cutely-adorned Glambot bubble-mailer insider. It is slightly smaller, but fit snugly within the USPS envelope.

Glambot - Inner Bubble Mailer OpenLook! Bubble wrap! A thing! Looks like a little pigment vial, but let’s empty ‘er out:

Glambot - Bubble-Ception 1

Five little bubble pouches. Bubble-ception! The bubbles obscure the contents a little, but not entirely. Up top are two lipsticks, at the bottom, a blush and two shadows (in one bubble-pouch), to the right, the pigment vial.

Glambot - Bubble-Ception 2

Why yes, that is yet another protective bubble pouch. My joke about it being bubble-ception may be a little more realistic than I thought. But hey – at least my order was safe. Glambot really seems dedicated to keeping your purchases protected from damage during shipping – these items are packed better than NIB items often are!

Glambot Haul

You will notice that the lipsticks and pigment vial have a small Glambot, “GB,” sticker on each to keep them closed. This is done after sterilization and keeps the cap secured during its journey. The two shadows on the bottom left and right are secured within two plastic sleeves and then surrounded with this cute, circuit-board-printed vellum-esque Glambot paper, and also secured with the same type of, “GB,” sticker to hold everything in place. In the bottom center is a blush, and it has a small foam pad on top of the blush and a piece of vellum-esque Glambot-printed paper on top of that, under the lid.

Here’s everything after I have removed it from bubble-ception. This is the entirety of my order, from top left (pricing is before the discount I received, for full disclosure):

  • MAC Lipstick in Syrup – 30-50% full, in Good condition – $9.00
  • MAC Pigment in Rushmetal – 80-100% full, in Good condition – $10.80
  • MAC Lipstick in Cosmo – 80-100% full, in Good condition – $12.00
  • MAC Eyeshadow Refill in Motif – 50-80% full, in Good condition – $9.00
  • MAC Blush in Fleur Power – 80-100% full, in Good condition – $21.60
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow Refill in Freelove – 50-80% full, in Good condition, $8.25

Realistically, the blush was not priced at less than retail. suggests that it is regularly $23.50 new, but MAC has it on their site for $21 (maybe it used to cost more? I have no idea, maybe one of MAC’s devotees can clear that up for me). I don’t really care how much the pigment normally is, as I am certain this is a discount and will probably have it until I die. Cosmo and Syrup are reasonable discounts. Motif came at a discount of $1 and I don’t think Urban Decay offers refill pans, though it was labeled as such. It did come at a hefty discount as compared to the full product.

To date, I have owned only two MAC products – MAC Brave (lipstick), and MAC Soar (lip liner). I’ve wanted to try more, but I have trouble swallowing $15 for lipstick, $21+ for blush. Since I had nearly no experience with the brand, I wasn’t exactly clamoring to try it. I found Glambot, however, and checked out their site, which claims to have the largest selection of verified legitimate MAC products out there. Realistically, I lack the time to scour their site to confirm that statement, but I can tell you they have 145 pages, twelve products per page, of MAC products.

Moving on:
Glambot - MAC Motif This is MAC Motif. You can see the circuitry art a bit better; I thought it was pretty cute. When you remove this paper sleeve, there is a plastic sleeve inside, and then another:


This is Urban Decay Freelove, still safe inside of plastic sleeve-ception. (This is actually the second plastic sleeve. The right part folds over, then it was in a slightly larger pouch of the same material, then the paper was around that.) They each had their own sleeve.


This is to show wear. UD Freelove on the left, MAC Motif on the right.glambot11

And again. You can see that pan has been hit on Motif, but just barely – there is still a lot of product in the pan. Freelove has a bit of a gouge out of its right side (I suspect it had been dropped), but is also still very full. It will take me some time to finish these.glambot07

My first pigment! Kind of coppery looking in the tube. (Pardon my needing-to-be-redone nails.) I was particularly thrilled for this one, as I hear it is virtually impossible to actually run out of these pigments (hence why I got a tiny vial and not a whole tub). glambot17

Still coppery looking with it open. I’m amazed it didn’t go everywhere when I opened it. I only barely tapped my pinky to the inside of the cap and got major color payoff. Score!

So far, I am extremely impressed with the speed of shipping, the care taken with regard to packaging, and the fact that these items were represented so well on their website. Take Freelove, for example. I do not know if Glambot photographs each item they put up for sale (I certainly wouldn’t hold it against them if they didn’t), but look at this:Glambot - Urban Decay Freelove Listing Example Item Listing Page

Here we have the listing for Freelove. Look at the photo of the shadow – that is literally what I received. I know it is a little harder to compare with my photo, but you should still be able to see that line where it kind of dips down into that, “gouge,” area. I think it would be huge for them if they were able to photograph each item they had up for sale.

This image also shows what I mentioned in Part One about having items appear available in searches and in browsing, but clicking through and finding them out of stock (this screenshot was taken after I had received my order). I could see keeping listings for things that are NIB (new-in-box), like Mascaras (Glambot does not appear to sell used mascara – which is GOOD because they shouldn’t!) since you won’t need to show its wear, but for specific items that have specific wear, it would make shopping easier and more enjoyable if listings for specific pre-owned items were immediately removed from searches and categorical listings.

My items were well-packed and thoroughly protected, with eyeshadow having a total of SEVEN layers of protection (two plastic sleeves, paper sleeve, two bubble sleeves, inner bubble mailer, outer bubble mailer). Although there was a bit of packaging-ception going on, it was reassuring to know that that much care had been taken in keeping the items safe en route to me. All of the items arrived undamaged, despite suffering the rigors of USPS transit. Furthermore, even though there was a lot of protective packaging, it was not difficult to remove and was not time consuming. (Those plastic clamshell packages that come on stuff, usually electronics, takes WAY longer to open!)

If you’re interested in checking out what they have to offer, I have a promo link for you. Their site is kind of weird about promo codes, however, so instead of entering that at checkout, their site is setup in such a way that you follow links to get whatever promo they have going on. BeautySkepticLove10 will get you 10% off all items on (This is not an affiliate link – I do not get kick-back from your purchase – just wanted to give you a heads-up!).

Part Three

At Home DIY Hair Glaze

Hey! This is a legacy post – some products are sadly discontinued! You can find my (2019-present) hair glazing process can be found in this post! I also tone my highlights with this method; when this went live, I wasn’t highlighting yet!

(2014) I am very lucky in that my hair is pretty awesome on its own (LOL. Seven years later, it is not–thanks Tresemme, stress, and aging!). I wanted to make it unreasonably shiny without weighing it down with a lot of product (I am lazy). So, for me, for a friend, for you, and for science, I endeavored to guinea pig an at home DIY hair glaze treatment.

If you were planning on a salon hair gloss or glaze treatment (which costs $30 even at a beauty school’s student salon where I live!) for a wedding or just because, keep reading because learning is fun. This is a glaze/gloss-only treatment – no color means easily achievable without professional expertise!

Get it Together

Here’s what you need (most of which can be acquired at Sally Beauty):

At Home DIY Hair Glaze - What You NeedSupplies needed for an At Home DIY Hair Glaze
  • A Hairbrush – I have a classic 9-row Denman ($20) here, but I <3 the Wet Brush.
  • Clarifying Shampoo (2021 Update: Photo includes a Tresemme variety I used for this purpose, then. It was not problematic for my hair or scalp. Read labels and proceed with caution! Here’s one from Neutrogena for $4)
  • Clairol Professional Radiance Colorgloss in Clear Shine [[discontinued]]
  • Clairol Professional Radiance Color Infuser [[discontinued]]
  • Graduated Salon Mixer/Applicator bottle [[similar, $3]]
  • An awesome conditioner. Feria is discontinued, but Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle is cheap and FANTASTIC. You can get the small bottles for under $5 at drugstores/Target/Wal-Mart, or the link above is a *steal*.
  • Gloves – Nitrile, latex, vinyl, whatever. [[similar, $29 for 100. gloves are expensive in 2021 due to the pandemic]]
  • Two combs – you won’t want the teeth much closer than the black one pictured [[similar, $5]], and a wide tooth one [[similar, $4]]
  • Section Clips – will make your life a lot easier if you, like me, channel Cousin Itt [[not similar, but better. the ones pictured sucked, $6]]
  • An old shirt you don’t care much for


First things first – brush your hair out, then wash with your clarifying shampoo. Afterwards, use your normal daily conditioner, rinse, detangle if needed with a wide-tooth comb, and let it air dry. Do not apply any product to your hair – no mouse, heat protectant, nothin’. Just let it be. Here’s what my hair looks like after it is dry:

At Home DIY Hair Glaze

The Approach

If you have a friend that can help you reach the back sections of your hair, that would be awesome. If not, you can manage (it will just take longer). Brush your tresses out again. You need to start with completely tangle-free hair, or else you’re gonna have a bad time.

Throw on a t-shirt you don’t love as much as you probably should, gather your supplies and head somewhere with a mirror and sufficient lighting to see what you’re doing – for me, this was my bathroom, but if you have an awesome vanity that would work, too. In addition to the items shown below, be sure to get your gloves, section clips, and combs.

At Home DIY Hair Glaze

Gettin’ Mix-y With It

Grab your graduated mixing bottle, unscrew the cap. Now, you CAN add the entirety of what you need at once, but to ensure thorough mixing, I did it in two parts, so that’s what I’ll explain:

Pour one ounce of the Clear Colorgloss (half the bottle) into your graduated mixing bottle, then one ounce of your Color Infuser. You should be up to the two-ounce line, it will look like this:

DIY Hair Glaze Mixing

Now, violently shake it! But not like a polaroid picture, got it? Settle down, we’re just making our hair shiny.

Add the last ounce of the Colorgloss (the little bottle should be empty now), and another ounce of the Color Infuser. Shake again!

DIY Hair Glaze - Mixed SolutionDIY Hair Glaze

Mine appears to be just under 4 ounces because the product (from shaking) is on the side-walls and has not yet settled. It will, though, so don’t sweat it.


From here, section your hair. If you’re already used to sectioning it to blow dry or style, do what you normally do. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, the nice folks on YouTube can definitely help you out.

With gloves on, apply the solution from your mid-lengths (below your ears) to ends, really concentrating on your ends (where most dullness occurs). Comb through each section to ensure even distribution of the product, then run through the section again starting the comb a little closer to your roots. This approach enables the hair closest to your scalp to get some attention from the product without overdoing it. Repeat this for each section.

If you have product left in the bottle after each section, go back and use the rest (unless your hair is short, then just discard what you don’t need); I actually squeezed it onto the “roots” of my comb and raked it through my hair this way. Once your hair is coated, comb through once more with the regular comb, clip it up, and let it be for up to 20 minutes.

Cautionary Tale

I actually wound up with some tangling during this (my hair does not like being handled with latex gloves, so I learned), so keep a wide-tooth comb handy to detangle as you go. Since my hair is so long, it took a while to get the product on and distributed the way I liked; once I was satisfied with how everything was coated I only waited about ten minutes.


Now, remove your gloves and rinse your hair. While you’re at it, rinse your wide-tooth comb, too. Do not be alarmed if your hair feels a bit tacky to the touch before rinsing, this is normal.

Gently squeeze excess moisture from your hair and generously apply your conditioner. Wait one minute then comb through it with your wide-tooth comb. Wait four minutes, then rinse.

Squeeze excess water from your hair again, then wrap it in a towel and ever-so-gently towel dry a bit, then air dry. If you REALLY want to, you can dry and style as normal, but if you want to really see the before-and-after, no-product-added difference, let it air dry like you did before you started playing mad scientist.

The Aftermath

While my hair was air-drying (so before it was fully dry), I could already notice a difference. Here’s what it looked like afterwards:

At Home DIY Hair Glaze

I really lament not having better lighting conditions to give you a better idea of the difference it made, but it was a massive change from my already-reasonably-shiny hair. My hair has no product in it, was not heat styled, and was just air dried and brushed.

Enjoy the shine for 6-8 weeks depending on your environment, haircare, and the conditions subject your hair to. Bear in mind that this IS a chemical process; my hair has not been damaged from this and the texture feels unaffected, but your results may vary if you have hair that has already been heavily processed by color, perms, etc.

Additionally, if you have hair that has been subjected to the aforementioned processes, you may need to process this DIY Hair Glaze treatment for a shorter amount of time (like 10-15 minutes). Beyond that, the Colorgloss bottle does claim that it is conditioning. I’m skeptical of this claim, and you should be too.

Comprehensive Costs

Assuming most people already have brushes, combs, and section clips (which really are optional but you’ll thank me), you can accomplish this process in about a half hour for under $15 for the first time, assuming you have a Sally Beauty membership.

You won’t need to repurchase conditioner, the bottle, or gloves (if you buy reusable or already have them) for a while, and the Color Infuser (I bought the 16 fl oz bottle) can be used for EIGHT applications ($0.50 per application!) before you’ll need to repurchase.

Use a thick, awesome conditioner two times weekly (if you don’t use it every day) to help maintain your hair’s new-found glossy awesomeness.

The Bottom Line

Finally, here’s a before-and-after side-by-side for you:

At Home DIY Hair Glaze Before and After

Whether this is a treatment you’re already paying for at the salon, if you’re curious about it but didn’t want to shell out, or if you’re like me and just wanted to do something nice for yourself, I hope I was able to help you with this at home DIY hair glaze tutorial.