Changed My Mind: Invisibobble

Four years ago, I shared an incendiary opinion on the Invisibobble Traceless Hair Ring. I dismissed it as a gimmick. Since it came out, numerous other companies have adopted the concept in their own, similar telephone-cord-like ponytail holders.



I ended up receiving a pack of six Invisibobble in a FabFitFun box last year. It contained three clear and three light beige/light nude. Recalling my prior assessment, I sneered at them, like an ass.

One day, I needed to pull my hair back before a workout. Like many cat moms, all of my hair elastics had mysteriously disappeared, so I begrudgingly reached for an Invisibobble.

And, wow. I’m actually…impressed. And I don’t say this often (character flaw) but I was wrong. These hold my hair securely and withstand strength training or what little cardio I bother with really well. I like them better for that than elastics and better than the Pony-O (more on that another time).


They do not, howeverrrr, create an exceptionally polished pony. I’d rate them as highly functional, capable of being cute, but not something I’d probably use to craft a polished(ish) style for work. I would, however, keep a clear one in my desk just-in-case for a bad hair day or those moments where I just need my hair to GTFO so I can get stuff done.

They also secure modest buns decently. Again, they aren’t going to make the prettiest bun – but it will stay put if you form it well.


Do not – I repeat, do NOT – just tug an Invisibobble hair tie out of your hair like you would an elastic or a scrunchie. The result is uncomfortable and you may pull out a few hairs that way.

Instead, carefully uncoil the Invisibobble in reverse of how you put it in your hair. It is pretty easy to do, and your hair will thank you.

The Bottom Line

Do they rate $8 for 3? That I’m not sold on. At the time of writing, Walgreens has a pack on sale for $<5 I imagine similar products do just fine as long as there isn’t a harsh mold line where the plastic was fused together (important so as not to damage or tug hair). I’d buy three for four, but $8-9 is a harder sell. We’ll see when I inevitably lose them to the whims of my cats.