Manicure Monday – 8/12/2019 – Revel Nail Aurora + Bubbly & Catch-Up

Yeah, wow, hi. We’ll get into the hiatus in a sec, but first:

I tried an acrylic dip nail system! I suck at it but, third application in, am getting better. I’ve been waffling on waiting to talk about it until I am good at it for Insta-worthy pics but…since when do I care about being Insta-worthy?

Revel Nail Aurora and Revel Nail BubblyRevel Nail Aurora & Revel Nail Bubbly

I’m not writing a review of Revel Nail Aurora and Revel Nail Bubbly dip powders in this post, but I’ll share a couple thoughts:

  • This picture does not capture color accurately. I am wearing both Revel Nail Aurora, which is a nice, light nude pink (it definitely looks pink in person) and Revel Nail Bubbly on top.
  • Although not evident in this picture, my application is fairly bulky. This is because:
    • This application is three dips instead of two because I wanted to use Revel Nail Bubbly on top for some shimmer.
    • I suck at finish filing acrylic. This led me to buy an e-file, which I am still getting the hang of, but it has changed my pedicure world dramatically.


I recently saw an Instagram post from a blogger who decided to face the music regarding her content and who ultimately discontinued her project. That was a bit eye-opening for me. I’m not there, but it’s undeniable to me that I bet Beauty Skeptic take a back seat to everything else. Better no content than half-assed content, right? I haven’t really been buying and trying much stuff, so its really been a drought of content inspiration here, BUT here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • I subscribed to FabFitFun to give it a shot on Belle’s recommendation. My first box came recently; while the contents aren’t necessarily things I’d buy myself, I’m pretty happy with it. I’ll yammer about it eventually. If you’ve been curious about giving it a shot, this link gets you $10 off your first box. I get a credit too. Be advised that I’ve only gotten one box and can’t yet assess the platform in its entirety based on that. :)
  • My Vivera retainers came in – so I’m officially free of Invisalign, and I just have to wear my retainer (which is similar to an Invisalign tray) at night.
  • Had a hair appontment in mid-July to refresh my balayage; shortly prior, I found an amazing new product at Sephora to keep my blonde fresh to death (or whatever).
  • I was running low (not really, just low for a, “I usually have two backups of my favorite products,” person) on sunless tanner so I tried St Tropez mousse.
  • I finished my first semester of school and took a CLEP test to earn credit for a course without taking it. I’m taking three more such tests in a few weeks before the next semester starts (yes; I still work full time).
  • I went to San Francisco for a week-long business trip…which meant checking a bag and not depriving myself. Oh, god, it is so nice to travel with most of my things. Still should have brought my damn blowdryer though #hoteldryersaretheliteralworst
  • I’m trying some stuff from The Ordinary to see if it knocks out my Tarte Knockout. I love that damn toner, but at $39 a bottle, its pricey enough for me to be tempted by highly-rated, less expensive contenders. I’m still assessing.

What are you wearing on your nails?