They Can’t be Serious: Invisibobble


I often come across new products when aimlessly browsing. It seems like it has been a while since I encountered something that elicited a, “They can’t be serious…” response, but the Invisibobble Traceless Hair Ring did just that.

Yes, the Invisibobble looks eerily similar to one of those coil wristbands used as keychains in the 90s.

coilkeychainThat’s because it is.

Why anyone would think, “I want to do my hair with one of those!” is entirely beyond me. It’s like they decided to market a product after finding themselves in desperation needing a hair tie and not having one. Can it hold the hair? Probably. That doesn’t make it a chic or functional solution to shill at Sephora.

$8 gets you three of the Invisibobble rings, but I’m still trying to figure out why you would want this. They even try to spin it as something that can be used to craft, “modern hairdos for any occasion,” and that it can reduce the headaches we can get from a too-taut ponytail.

Reviewers report that the Invisibobble takes some strands with it upon removal because they tangle in their hair easily. All colors are highly-visible in the hair except the clear, and good luck hiding it by pinning a lock around it. Others report that they stretch out to the point of unusability quickly, and that some even break. A few mentioned being able to shrink it back down by hitting it with a hot blow dryer, but let’s be real – that’s entirely too much damn work for a hair tie.

The only thing I could see this being good for is a temporary hold for ladies with thick curls, but I still think the risks of tangling outweigh the potential benefits.

The Bottom Line

Something that holds keys does not need to be in my hair. Or yours.