Manicure Monday – 3/25/19 – Craving Some Color Haul

Craving Some Color HaulCraving Some Color Haul

For a while I’ve been in neutral. My manicures, anyway. And I love them. They are chic, effortless, professional, and pretty. They’re still what I reach for the most because they just feel right to me. They’re low-effort but high-polish. My toes were unwaveringly in shades of red since June. I love red, period.

It was winter. It was dreary. On a lark, I did a pedicure at the beginning of January with Nina Ultra Pro Caribbean Blue. For fun. For a shred of liveliness in January. I didn’t intend a matching manicure, but as I executed the pedi I was so thrilled with how it came out that I had to do my nails that way too (using Sensationail Polish to Gel because I can’t be bothered with RnP on my fingers these days). I used to wear a ton of color, used to have a gigantic polish collection that I gradually started to pare back when I started using gel polish.


The two weeks I wore that magnificent blue pearl made me realize I missed having some color in my life. Or at least on my toes and very occasionally (I still try to pretend to be quasi-professional most of the time) my nails. I spent more time than I care to admit (cough, hours and hours) looking at and fawning over swatches. I ultimately purchased five bottles of (regular formula, gasp) polish; I’m calling it my Craving Some Color Haul:

Naturally, they arrived one-by-one throughout the week as if to spite me. It didn’t matter, though, since manicures and pedicures are typically weekend activities for me.

Orange You Hot

A brilliant, neon orange pearl. Application is a touch fussy, but if you’re patient, the end result is worth it. It has lousy reviews on Amazon, but I turn up my nose to this and dismiss them as amateurs.

Pink Plumeria

My favorite of the bunch, this is a light, bright coral pink pearl with a warm tone to the shimmery bits. It is really flattering on me.

Hang Ten Toes

A neon, cool pink pearl with blue/purple shift. Application of this one is also a little fussy but my is it pretty.


I expected to like this neon, red-orange shimmer one more than I do. I wore a pedicure with it and it applies nicely; but pulled a little more orange than it looks in the bottle. It’s still a keeper.

Sun, Sea, and Sand in my Pants

I haven’t tried this rich yellow creme yet except to swatch it. Although it’s technically spring now, I might give it another week or two before I take that plunge.

The Bottom Line

I’m still wearing a lot of nude pink on my fingers, but I’m loving these for fun pedicures. They’re cheerful and nice to look at!

Below the Bottom Line

I’ve been woefully remiss in not posting. Clearly, I’m struggling with writers block – and its hard to be vulnerable and admit that. Thank you for bearing with me. :)