Manicure Monday – 1/7/19 – Sensationail Nude Mood

It took me writing this post to realize that I didn’t publish any manicure details in December. After my 11/26 post with Icelanded a Bottle of OPI in the Infinite Shine formula (haaate), the following week I did a nice China Glaze Gelaze manicure in Swing Baby. It’s a nice, champagne-y gold that I’ve featured on Favorites posts before. Unfortunately, I took no pictures because I am an ass…and because I was gearing up for a business trip that week.

It wore solidly for two weeks. Then, I doffed it…and uncharacteristically wore bare nails for 10 days. There wasn’t really any reason for this.

Sensationail Nude Mood

So, really, this post should have gone live on 12/31 but I’m occasionally a buffoon. My current manicure is Sensationail Nude Mood, which I’ve mentioned before. I don’t have current pictures, but I shared a previous manicure on Instagram a while back:



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I’m spoiled by formulas that let me skip a base (Gelaze, Express Gel) but I overall enjoy this one; it’s the best nude gel polish I’ve found for my skin tone. I find it is more flattering in real life than in photos. Don’t get me wrong – I love Diva Bride, I enjoy Bubble Bath; but those are both more pink than nude.

Pedicure Details

I wore a single round of China Glaze Ruby Pumps at the beginning of December, then switched back to I’m Not Really a Waitress. Ruby Pumps is beautiful and festive, but I find myself not enjoying it on myself quite as much as I used to. This most recent pedicure, which I did two days before my current manicure, is Red Hot Rio, though. I’ve become a creature of habit and can’t quit these reds on my toes.

Maybe one of these days I’ll get crazy and slap Essie Aruba Blue on them or something. Whoaaa, adventurous (not).