December 2018 Favorites

December 2018 FavoritesDecember 2018 Favorites
1. Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner in Midnight Cowboy, $20 / 2. Dove Dry Oil Moisture Body Wash, $5 /
3. St Tropez Tan Build Up Remover Mitt, $6.50 / 4. Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer, $8 /
5. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey in Double Rich Chocolate, $50

How ’bout that, we survived another trip around the sun. In spite of not feeling remotely enthused about the holidays, December was a blur; it started with a business trip, ended with a brief break from my day job and a visit from a dear friend. Today, I find myself back in the saddle of my normal routine. Details on my December 2018 Favorites after the jump.

I Needed An Occasion

I really love the Urban Decay Heavy Metal glitter liners. To date, I only own one – Midnight Cowboy – because I don’t have much occasion to wear them. December, however, offers plenty of excuses for ostentatious makeup…so I wore it no fewer than five times. It applies very easily and wears beautifully. Even with so few occasions to wear, I might buy this three-pack of the Heavy Metal liners because its three full sized liners for the price of one.

Substitute for the Discontinued

Last year, I switched to Aveeno Stress Relief body wash to help me wind down when I was going through a particularly stressful period. It is nice, but I find that it isn’t quite moisturizing as I need a body wash to be right now, so I picked up Dove Dry Oil Moisture body wash. It reminds me of Caress’ Exotic Oil Infusions Cream Oil body wash that was around about a decade ago. Unsurprisingly discontinued, I wanted but hadn’t searched for a replacement since. Happily, I unwittingly found one in this.

Oh, that’s how I Should Use It

After watching a video of Stef Nicole’s on her sunless tanner prep routine, I realized I was using my prep mitt all wrong. Now that I’ve been set straight, I’ve enjoyed better post-shave results regardless of whether I’m using sunless tanner or not. These things are fantastic!

Death Warmed Over

On the topic of sunless tanner, I’m using Jergens Wet Skin Sunless Tanner a twice a week. The weather has been surprisingly mild in my area, so I’ve been able to sport bare legs with dresses. I’m not trying to look tan so much as, you know, vaguely alive.

Getting Jacked (Not Really, Not Even Kind Of)

Back in October, I started exercising after basically not doing so for over a decade – and wow, I feel so much better now that I’m pushing my body a little. On days I strength train, I consume a serving of whey protein. There are so many on the market, they all have stupid names and packaging, and most of them are chock full of garbage. I am particularly sensitive to artificial sweeteners, so I avoid them like the plague. Fortunately, I’ve found that this specific flavor (Double Rich Chocolate!) from Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard line doesn’t have aspartame or sucralose – and in fact, when mixed with milk, tastes just like Nesquik. It is freaking awesome. You can also get it a little cheaper if you watch the price history. I also hear that GNC does B2G1 sales on it that might make it more cost-effective, but I haven’t looked into that. Also, disclaimer, I’m neither a doctor nor nutritionist, so you should do your homework and/or consult with someone who knows regarding what your protein intake should be based on your body, goals, and activity level.

Bonus, not Pictured

I really like candles. A lot. Target’s Signature Soy line had a nice Balsam Fir candle that I burned for most of December. It felt appropriately festive without being oppressive. I can’t find a link to it, but I’m really hoping my local store still has them because I came to be rather fond it it. I enjoy other candles from that line; particularly their Sweet Spun Sugar – which sounds like it should be disgusting and cloyingly sweet, but is actually light and pleasant.

What were your December 2018 Favorites?