Stopped Using Philosophy Pure Grace

Philosophy Pure Grace, $49

Scent is a funny thing. It is the sense tied most strongly to memory, for instance. Beyond that, some things that are really appealing to some of us are cloying and off-putting to others. Stranger still is how we can be really fond of a particular smell – like a candle or a perfume – for a long time and then, with no discernible reason, find it bothersome.

Case in Point

In 2011 or so I came to adore Yankee Candle Pink Sands. I had it everywhere; in our house, on a warmer at my desk at work, everywhere. I can’t come close to accurately guessing how many times I purchased it in its various forms.

I’m paring down my candle collection just like my makeup – but I’m paring it down by steadily burning what we can tolerate. (I’m giving the rest away.) Two weeks ago, I came to a partially-burnt Pink Sands jar and lit it. Later, I suddenly found myself thinking that I had grown tired of it.

Personal Fragrance

I’ve talked about my relationship with fragrance before. I enjoy wearing it – or the idea of wearing it, anyway – but I am very picky about it. On top of that, I have a highly fragrance-sensitive husband. Obviously I don’t want to use products in my home or on my person that will cause him headaches or respiratory distress!

I felt myself growing tired of Pure Grace. I’d been wearing it a lot because it is clean, appropriate for work when used sparingly (as I use all my fragrance), and worked well with my chemistry. All that said, though, I seem to have used it in such a way that it overstayed its appeal to me.

Around the same time, unbeknownst to either of us, my husband started developing sensitivity to it. For a while, he’d ask what the heck I’d sprayed or what lotion I’d used; since it was such a part of my routine it didn’t even register until I went without for a week, then used it again – and he asked again.

The Bottom Line

If I’m going to be the source of my partner’s headaches, it is damn well going to be something more important than the fragrance I’m wearing – so I broke up with Pure Grace.

I’m back to only wearing Fresh Cream (also Philosophy). I don’t know if I’m going to seek a new fragrance or not. I really loved Daisy and Daisy Eau so Fresh from Marc Jacobs; maybe I’ll return to those.

Have your fragrance tastes evolved over time?