Unpopular Opinion – It’s a 10 Miracle Leave‑In Product

It's a 10 Miracle Leave‑In ProductIt’s a 10 Miracle Leave‑In Product

At some point, leave-in conditioners stopped being quite as cool and therefore stopped being marketed quite as heavily (until recently-ish). For me, although argan oil is lovely for my hair, I don’t achieve the same results with it as I did the leave-ins of yore. My lightened ends are a bit drier than the rest of my hair, so I like to help them out.

In January, having stalked sales and armed with a gift card, I purchased a small bottle of It’s a 10 Miracle Leave‑In Product. Stylists I respect rave about it. Regular ol’ non-beauty-educated folks I know in, “real life,” rave about it. Bloggers I trust that fall on either end of that spectrum rave about it. Can that many people be wrong?

In a Word? Yep

Okay, maybe they aren’t wrong, per se. I find myself at odds with thousands of fans of this product, though. Two of my key dislikes are completely based on my preference:

  • Fragrance: I deeply dislike it. It is strong and very synthetic-smelling. A lot of people rave about the fragrance but I really just don’t care for it.
  • Distribution Method: Using this, I learned that I don’t really like spray-based leave-ins. I understand why some people do, it just isn’t for me. I find it too difficult to get it where I want it without getting it elsewhere (read: on me, my towel, other surfaces in my bathroom).

In all, it is OK; but I’m not paying that much money for just okay. Over two months of regular usage, I did not observe an improvement in the condition of my hair in spite of the product’s claims.

For my hair, it did not:

  • Add shine (level of shine was the same with and without use)
  • Prevent breakage and spit ends (same behavior before and after)
  • Enhance body (not sure where they come up with this claim)
  • Enhance silkiness (I’m lucky that my hair is decent here; I could see it legitimately doing this for others, though)

It was fair enough at taming frizz, but it would be an instant fail altogether if it failed in this most-basic leave-in conditioner discipline. Although I find that it is an adequate heat protectant, I don’t find that it does anything especially amazing to condition my hair. It is an effective detangler, but if you use a Wet Brush, you don’t need a product to help with that – even with (responsibly) bleached hair.

In good things, it did not weigh my hair down or cause it to have protein-induced panic, so there’s that.

The Bottom Line

I think that people are obsessed with It’s a 10 Miracle Leave‑In Product as much as they are simply because there are so few products like it on the market these days. Thermasilk (discontinued) used to make a great leave-in conditioning spray, but, alas.

I’ll be finishing up this bottle because it was damn expensive for what it is and I’m not about to waste it. Based on my experience, though, I just can’t give it the glowing recommendation everyone else seems to.

2 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinion – It’s a 10 Miracle Leave‑In Product”

  1. I agree, I tried the blonde formula (I also had a manufacture coupon and gift card, as the small bottle was normally $19.99+). I wasn’t disappointed, but I wasn’t impressed either. I usually use the Aussie brand and it works best for me, as does the TRESemme. I will buy either, depending on sales and available coupons. If I had money to burn, the ‘Miracle’ line might be an option, but for my money,

  2. I used to love Thermasilk leave-in conditioner too. I haven’t used a leave-in conditioner in years but would love to have a decent one on my shelves again. So let us know when you find one that is as good as Thermasilk.

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