Worth it? MiroPure Straightening Brush

MiroPure Straightening Brush // straightening brushesMiroPure Straightening Brush, $40

No matter what I seem to do, I can’t seem to bring myself to stick with consistently styling my hair. I’m not particularly good at it. I like sleep more than I like fiddling with my hair first thing in the morning, and that often means my hair isn’t as smooth and visually tidy as I’d like. Late last year I became aware of thermal straightening brushes and shared my initial thoughts in November. Since, the MiroPure Straightening Brush arrived and I’ve used it more times than I can count.

First, we’ll get into how straightening brushes work, then to my review.

How do Straightening Brushes Work?

All brushes are designed a little differently (here’s a Dafni, for instance), but the core concept is the same. The back plate of the brush (analogous to the cushion area) is heated just like the plates of a flat iron. Likewise most or all of the, “bristles,” or, “teeth,” are constructed of or surrounded by that same plate material and are heated.

When you pull the brush through with tension, heat is applied both from one side (back plate) and throughout (teeth). Because of this, you don’t need to be as meticulous with sectioning the hair before heat styling it. This makes this method both more forgiving in comparison to conventional flat irons AND faster to use.

You won’t get pin-straight results, but that’s not what this tool is intended for anyhow.

Tool Details


The MiroPure Straightening Brush came in a surprisingly nice, sturdy box. Inside the box, along with the straightening brush, was a drawstring storage pouch, a thermal glove, and a user manual.


For safety purposes, the device will not power on with a quick tap of the power button. It requires a deliberate long-press. Then, the LED temperature display rapidly ticks up as it heats. A pair of + and – buttons enable you to manipulate the temperature, which maxes out at 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

The attached guide suggests that beginners start out with 300 F or 150 degrees Celsius.

Other Tool Details

The cord is a nice swivel cord. In a device like this I think that matters less than in a dryer or conventional iron, but I appreciate it nonetheless.

How I Use the MiroPure Straightening Brush

I primarily use the MiroPure Straightening Brush in one of two ways. Because I don’t wash or style my hair daily,

Post Air-Dry / Lazy Day

When I don’t take heat to my hair and let it dry without interference, my hair tends to err on the side of wild. Generally, I air dry my hair on weekends. It isn’t uncommon for me to air dry on Sunday I’d like to bring order to the chaos for work on Monday morning. When I air dry, I don’t use product (except perhaps some argan oil on my ends) so I definitely need to help my hair out.

I start with a generous, overall spritz of Tresemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Protective Spray and then toss some volumizing hairspray (I love Spray and Play the most, but I’m trying this Garnier one for BzzAgent) in at the roots. Is it perfect? No. Is it passable and low effort compared to wash/dry/fresh style? Oh hell yes.


I don’t wash my hair every day. Some styles can last more than a day without so much as being touched, which is wonderful. When that can’t quite happen, I grab this to smooth my hair back out to neat, tidy, and presentable.

Fortunately, this means I already have some product in my hair – which means it has some life already and just needs to tidy up. First, I throw dry shampoo in my roots if I didn’t the night before. Then, I give it a quick spritz of the same Tresemme Heat Protectant and then go to work. Usually, I don’t even need to bother with any post-heat product, but when I do it’s just a quick spritz of hairspray.

The Bottom Line

I’m delighted with my experience with the MiroPure Straightening Brush. I don’t have a frame of reference to say it is amazing compared to other products in its class, but I am more than satisfied with the results I received based on the product’s claims and the price I paid. I got it for about $25 on an Amazon Lightning Deal but it has evidently gone as low as $22 so shop smart!