Lisa Eldridge on No Buys

When I first got into makeup, I went off the deep end and wanted to try all the things. It was exploratory – it was all so new to me and I needed to figure out what I liked. Fast forward a few years, I’m not being ensorcelled by product as much. It still definitely happens, but not like it did; it usually takes something REALLY different and intriguing to capture my mind in the same way.

Lisa Eldridge on No Buys

One of the few personalities I subscribe to is Lisa Eldridge and I loved this video (below) of hers from January.

Her stance of feeling a bit overwhelmed or, “saturated,” on the consumerist nature of the beauty community and industry is refreshing.

How many of the same kind of palettes can one girl have, really?

Guilty as charged, but I’m not buying more until I use mine up!

I’m interested in your thoughts on her perspective. Check out Lisa’s video and let me know in the comments below.