Vera Mona Color Switch Dupe from J.Cat Beauty

Earlier this year, I shared a review of the $18 Vera Mona Color Switch dry brush cleaner. Although it did what it promised, I ultimately landed on the decision to not repurchase. For nearly $20 it just wasn’t worth it.

I do use it every day I wear eyeshadow (so, about 3x a week). But if I suddenly went without, I wouldn’t shell out for it. Then, I decided I’d buy an inexpensive bun ring and chop it up since it’d be cheaper. The tin is convenient but not convenient enough.

Now, I don’t have to – because there’s a drugstore-priced Color Switch Dupe.

Enter J.Cat Beauty’s Color Switch Dupe

My recent Platinum Perk-fueled Ulta haul led me to discover that J.Cat beauty is offering the same thing for about $6.

This Color Switch Dupe is just as effective as the one I paid 3x for at Sephora. No hair tool butchery is required! I find that it works just as well.

The Bottom Line

This $6 Color Switch Dupe is a nice tool to have at a way more attractive price than the Vera Mona. I’d definitely repurchase and do recommend the J. Cat Dry Makeup Brush Cleaner Likewise, it would make a nice stocking stuffer for just about anyone who fancies eyeshadow.