Home Sweet Home – Travel, Argan Oil, & My Bag

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The travel I recently mentioned has come to pass. Fortunately, my trip to Texas resulted in no major skin or hair crises with argan oil at hand

It did result in some good food-related things and some nice window-seat photos. I’m bad at Instagram, but cloud photos from thirty thousand feet get me inspired.


As for cleansing, I brought a tiny bottle of Philosophy Purity. It was easier than decanting my CeraVe Foaming into a small bottle. It is similar enough pH and clean-wise that my skin didn’t behave differently at all in that regard. And yes – I brought my Clarisonic Mia 2; in retrospect, I could and should have saved space and brought the Foreo Luna Mini.

Austin is far less dry than SoCal, but it certainly is drier than my native climate. I ended up not bringing any additional moisturizer than my argan oil.

Flight days called for no makeup. Not no-makeup makeup – literally nothing on my face. Shortly  before boarding each flight (I had a layover there and back, so I was on four planes total) I applied some more oil to prevent my face from mummifying in the cabin.

Surprisingly, this was enough for my face to not launch a mutiny.


There’s not much to say here. The water didn’t cause my skin to panic when I shaved with a Dove bar. It and the air together did cause my skin to feel drier, overall, than it would at home.

Fortunately, my skin responded well to using argan oil as a moisturizer. If I went again, though, I think I’d want to bring something heavier duty as backup.


I just used a sample of a Pantene product I had and that was fine for washing and conditioning. I washed twice when I was there and used dry shampoo in between. The hotel’s dryer was, sadly, abysmal – but Big Sexy Hair’s Root Pump covers a whole lot of sins. I pre-emptively used argan oil on my ends.

My Bag

I do love that Swiss Gear backpack but the bottle pockets on the sides can’t quite hold one of my Contigo bottles. I should have brought a carabiner clip to clip it to a strap but hindsight, as always, is 20/20.

The Bottom Line

In all, the 0.15 fl oz dropper bottle of argan oil did far more for me than I expected on this trip. It was the real MVP.

Have you done any traveling recently? Did anything come in more useful than anticipated?