Recent Repurchases – Fall/Winter 2016

Us beauty bloggers talk a LOT about new things we’ve tried, or NEW(ish in my case!) favorites, but I think we collectively do a poor job of talking about what we loved enough to repurchase. I might really enjoy a product for a few months, but by the time I get to the end of the bottle or hit pan, things may have changed.

Here’s are my recent repurchases as of last week.


Recent Repuchases - Million Dollar Tan Cabana TanMillion Dollar Tan Cabana Tan

Some of my hunt for a more cost-effective sunless tanner has been chronicled. I’m not unhappy with Million Dollar Tan in the slightest, but accessibility and cost are key items that factor in my buying choices. St Tropez is more accessible didn’t blow my mind. Vita Liberata is more accessible, but also more costly. Many drugstore options are hit-or-miss. On Thanksgiving, Million Dollar Tan featured a 40% off discount – so I snagged the already-discounted 2-pack of Cabana Tan for only $30 TOTAL with the 40% code and free shipping. Normally $32 EACH (I’ve never paid full price, but still) this is a solid deal. With my usage, it takes me forever to get through the product, so it will be about two years before I need to replenish.

For those who would prefer to order through a retailer, Nordstrom carries it now too.


2016 Holiday Gift Guide - Big Sexy Hair Volumizing SetBig Sexy Hair Root Pump

I’m utterly helpless when it comes to hair, but I’ve figured out how to be presentable for work. One of the consequences of insisting on having long hair is that long locks tend to weigh down roots, so I need help in that department. I’ve bought a few travel-sized bottles of Big Sexy Hair Root Pump before, too gun-shy to shell out for the a full-sized can. This gift set from JcPenney (fluctuates between $22-25) finally got me to bite the bullet with some promo code and rewards cash for ultra-cheap.

Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki

Sigma F80

This brush was ultra-hyped on YouTube a couple years ago and is still a regular in many videos. Picture is my old one; sadly, it has served proudly and is now retired. It’s one of the few products that was heavily hyped (and tied to affiliate stuff) that’s worth its reputation. Mine has had a hard two-and-a-half years, so when Sigma offered 25% off and free-shipping, I grabbed a new one. Otherwise, I’d have repurchased from Nordstrom.

That was a remarkable exercise in self-control, by the way.


Nexcare Acne Dots

I’m halfway through my first pack, but I love them that much. They’ve made a huge difference in how I’m dealing with blemishes – and they’re cheap!

Garnier Micellar Water

Garnier Micellar Water

Nuff Said. It’s good stuff, AND it is inexpensive!


Maybelline Instant Age Rewind

Even owning and enjoying a couple prestige concealers (MAC, NARS), this stuff remains my go-to I switch between Light and Neutralizer depending on my needs. I talk about it all the damn time.

e.l.f. Studio Blush (Tickled Pink)

So much of e.l.f. is hit-or-miss, but their Studio Blushes are excellent for only $3. Tickled Pink is perfect for when you need to apply on auto-pilot on a busy morning and can’t risk overdoing it. Don’t confuse with Twinkle Pink, which has glitter; it is pretty, but not appropriate for work.

Recent Repurchases - Sensationail Midnight RendezvousSensationail Midnight Rendezvous

Years ago, when I got my Sensationail kit, I got a small duo that included their Gold Glitter and Midnight Rendezvous, their black. I’m finally out of that small bottle of black, and it was time. The 25% off all beauty at Target sale rolled around, and I bit.


Deviating from the mission a little can be fun sometimes.

The rubber-soled Chaia Moccasins from Target are adorable and a great value. You won’t see me in Minnetonkas or god forbid, Ugg mocs; they aren’t worth it. They wear out just the same. I get them when they’re on sale for $14 per pair or less.

San Francisco Bay makes the BEST K-Cups, period. They’re all I buy. Rainforest Blend is my preferred variety, but their Breakfast Blend is a little lighter and yummy too. Most importantly, they’re delicious – but other awesome bonuses include:

  • Unlike conventional K-Cups, the pods are biodegradable
  • Instead of being a cup, the bottom is a mesh filter. This means no coffee grinds in your mug!
  • The coffee isn’t filtered through plastic (health implications which you may or may not care about).
  • Compared to conventional K-cups, they’re ultra economical and you aren’t sacrificing quality or taste.

I buy the 120ct cases on Amazon and split it between home and my office.

What have you recently repurchased?