November 2016 Favorites

November 2016 FavoritesNovember 2016 Favorites
1. Blond Brilliance Conditioning Toner, $9 / 2. NARS Kohliner, $25
3. Mountain Rose Herbs Argan Oil, varies / 4. True Lime Packets, varies

Details on my November 2016 Favorites after the jump.

Blond Brilliance Conditioning Toner

After a couple months, due to the mineral content in my water, my balayage highlights became a little brassy. No worries, though – I picked up this fantastic indigo conditioner that helped me get my hair back where I needed it to be. I’m pretty happy with it – a commenter says John Frieda’s stuff is better, though.

NARS Kohliner

I should have included this in last month’s favorites, but I’m a goof. I’ve really been loving this pencil liner – my rave post about it is here. I don’t feel comfortable paying $25 but I’d do it if I had to. Luckily, there was a Sephora in JcPenney liner gift set for $30 that included a full size of this and Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner, plus several deluxe minis.

Mountain Rose Herbs Argan Oil

Argan oil has been a staple in my skincare routine for a couple years now. After researching and reading a ton of reviews, I decided to purchase from Mountain Rose Herbs rather than the much-more-expensive Josie Maran. I got my order in early November and so far, so good. FOUR ounces is only $26.50. Shipping isn’t terribly inexpensive, but even at over $30 that is mind-blowing. More to come on that.

True Lime Packets

I still suck at staying hydrated. My ongoing effort to improve includes consume exciting waters like La Croix at an alarming rate – it’s convenient! Better than that, though, fresh lime plus seltzer is – and it’s more cost effective than La Croix, too. In the last month, I discovered True Lime – they’re (unsweetened!) packets of crystallized lime that are equivalent to about one wedge. I’ve been grabbing a liter of seltzer (I buy a Costco-sized flat) and throw two True Lime packets into it – and there’s half of my eight glasses, right there. If you’re into unsweetened beverages that have a flavor and aren’t just flat water, between La Croix (convenient) and seltzer + True Lime (tastier, costs less per ounce). Actual limes are ideal, but I can’t buy a Costco-sized bag of limes. They’d spoil before I got to them! They’ve also saved me when I was craving (and made!) pico de gallo only to realize I had no limes.

Final Note & Returning Favorites

I don’t know how bloggers can avoid having repeats in their favorites. Our interests and likes evolve over time, so it’s reasonable that your favorite products would, too; for that reason, I believe it fair game to call out the things you STILL really enjoy. I cannot overstate my love of this hairbrush, Turbie Twists or similar wraps, and dry shampoo (top brands for me are Batiste and Psssst!). Now that its is cold, I can’t get away with air drying as much, so I need all the help I can get!

What were your November 2016 Beauty Favorites?