Laughing Out Loud: Pat McGrath Mothership Palettes

Pat McGrath Mothership Palettes – Sublime (not pictured: Subversive and Subliminal)

Pat McGrath may as well be a cosmetics wizard. Over the decades of her career, she has undoubtedly earned such monikers as Most Influential Make-Up Artist in the World (Vogue).

A few years ago, Pat started her own line; self-funded at first (pretty damn amazing), the first product was a single golden pigment with a mixing medium that went for $40. A higher price makes more sense when it hails from a limited, 1000 piece run funded by a single solitary individual. Now, there are investors on board. This means Pat’s brand can place larger orders, making the price-per-unit lower. Later, there were lip products and other intriguing things that were entirely unlike what many of us have seen at a counter.

The Pat McGrath Mothership Palettes are HOW Much?

I laughed out loud to see the price of the new 10-pan Pat McGrath Mothership Palettes. Releasing September 28, the Pat McGrath Mothership Palettes (there are three) retail for $125 USD. Each palette contains a pan of black shadow.

And to think – I choked on the price of Viseart palettes (both retail and what I got it for).


Pat McGrath Mothership Palettes have a total product weight of 0.47 ounces. Assuming even distribution between pans, that makes each pan 0.047 ounces each. The $125 price tag makes the product in this palette cost $12.50 per pan or $265 per ounce.

For comparison, Viseart’s twelve-pan palettes contain 0.84 ounces of product. Each pan contains 0.07 ounces of product. Retailing at $80 means the price-per-ounce is $6.67 per pan or $95 per ounce.

The Bottom Line

Let’s be honest – anyone interest in and in a position to drop $125 on a single palette already owns black eyeshadow and probably does not need another. Can you imagine if you were otherwise interested in all three? That single black pan (that you really probably have no use for) costs $12.50!

The palettes are beautiful, truly. I don’t think Subversive would do much for me, personally. Sublime is my favorite, followed by Subliminal. The shadows, individually, are gorgeous (especially the green shade in the Sublime palette pictured above), but for $125 Pat McGrath Labs can keep them.

Would you spend this much on one of the Pat McGrath Mothership Palettes? What would a makeup palette need to have to justify such a pricetag to you?