Why is MAC Basic Bitch Acceptable?

“Basic,” as an insult has been a thing for several years now. Paired with, “bitch,” for most millennial sorts it conjures certain imagery (UGGs, PSLs?) that some find funny or #relatable.

I’m not a fan of using the word, “bitch,” as a deprecating term of endearment amongst girlfriends. To me, it isn’t cute or clever; it is catty and perhaps trying too hard to be edgy. It’s clear that when we do use such words in those context, others do not understand when and why they should not use those words, too. Bottom line, the term is pejorative. You aren’t taking, “bitch,” back.

MAC Basic Bitch – Wait, What?

So when an e-mail from MAC Cosmetics with the subject line, “Get the Basic Bitch Look! Available In-Store and Online,” landed in my inbox last month, I was surprised. I hardly feel it is appropriate coming from a company!

Here’s a screenshot of the message. The graphic is a gif and would change between what is shown below and another shimmery, light-smoky eye look.

Why is MAC Basic Bitch Acceptable?


Like Urban Decay, MAC doesn’t shy away from trying to be edgy. That’s fine for the most part, but why do we as consumers accept this tacky, classless marketing? It is remarkably poor taste.

Really just not impressed with MAC’s marketing team here. People aren’t buying $40 palettes to be insulted – directly or indirectly, period.

The Bottom Line

I haven’t clicked any links associated with that product, nor will I. I don’t want them to get the hits which they will inevitably interpret as favorable visibility.

There’s tongue and cheek, and there’s stupidity. Even though I don’t care for it, it is one thing for, “bitch,” to be bandied about between friends and another entirely for a brand to name a product, “Basic Bitch,” and shamelessly market it.  I obviously won’t be buying the underwhelming palette (and no, my No Buy doesn’t factor into that decision). The whole thing leaves a poor taste in my mouth.