Sephora Play September 2016

Sephora Play September 2016Living Proof Night Cap / Sephora Rouge Shine Lipstick / Anastasia Clear Brow Gel /
Tory Burch Jolie Fleur Verte / KvD Tattoo LinerDr Jart+ Water Drop

I was pretty excited to try this box, so I prioritized using the items sooner rather than later.

Dr Jart+ Water Drop

I’m still not ready to introduce new variables into my skincare routine for my face. That said, I DID try this moisturizer on my neck and decollete and it’s pretty unique. Squeezed from its tube, it almost looks like a silicone-based gel primer, but when rubbed in it does have a very watery texture and lightness. There is a very light fragrance – which annoys me on principle in a skincare product – but it dissipates within one minute.

Water Drop won’t be enough for dry skin, period. Reviews on Sephora’s site suggest those with oily complexions aren’t loving it, either. Those with fairly middle-of-the-road skin seem to like it. I’ll continue to use it in the way I tried it, and will not repurchase simply because I don’t need a product dedicated to neck/decollete. It is REALLY novel though, I definitely enjoyed trying it.

Living Proof Night Cap

I wasn’t sure what the point of this product was, at first. It claims to be an, “overnight perfector,” but…what is that? It means, “expensive leave-in conditioner.” Okay – I’ve been pining for a leave-in anyway and Aveeno‘s left me wanting more. The first use yielded great results, so I used it twice more to prep my hair before my balayage appointment… but before my appointment, I noticed my hair being a little fussy.

Scrutiny of the ingredients reveals added protein in the product, so unfortunately I will not repurchase, and I won’t finish up the tube any time soon due to my hair being fussy when exposed to too much. For people without hair that loses its damn mind when multiple protein products are used on it, this may be good – but I’m not certain that it is worth $28, so I can’t say I recommend.

Sephora Rouge Shine Lipstick

Sephora has been expanding their Sephora Collection line recently, and the Rouge Shine Lipsticks are part of that new-new. Aside from my beloved and discontinued Teint Infusion, I haven’t been too terribly interested in Sephora products. I probably would not seek many on my own aside from brushes or foundations after my experience with their cream blush.

Rouge Shine glides on smoothly and smells good. It is indeed high-shine, but it’s important to understand that shine in lipstick tends to come with a cost: longevity. That’s where the good things end.

Regrettably, it doesn’t have a pleasant flavor to match, but that’s fine. The color I received, No. 14 Love Spell is not a great color for me – or, I’d argue, for most people. Love Spell is a light, sheer, cool pink – sheer I can deal with, but I’m neither fair enough nor cool enough for it to flatter. Realistically, it’s going to be a fail for most people.

I found that it wore off within two hours with little beverage consumption, and was noticeably patchy and awkward sooner. Maybe other colors are better, but for $12.50, I’d save a few more pennies and get a MAC, Urban Decay, or BITE lipstick.

Tory Burch Jolie Fleur Verte

I’ve said it before, but I’m not in it for the fragrances. Jolie Fleur Verte is another that doesn’t offend me on its own, but that I’m also not interested in wearing. On the right person it could be nice, but it neither suits my tastes nor personality, and I doubt it would suit my chemistry either.

The name is good, though, and accurate. It’s a floral with lots of greenery. Tory Burch suggests its a, “Tomboy and easygoing mix,” whatever that means. Most tomboys I know wouldn’t be bothered with perfume, let alone a $95-for-1.7oz one from Tory Burch.

KvD Tattoo Liner

Yisssss. Funnily, I had a sample tube of this the same size that I opened just days before for the first time. I didn’t immediately realize that the Tattoo Liner was a brush-tip rather than a felt-tip but… I’m a convert. The formula of this particular liner is the first of its kind I’ve used that doesn’t bleed on me at all – a stance that is shared by many other reviewers of the product.

I’m not great at using it, but that’s user-error on my part. I wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone who likes felt-tip style liners. It’s a little different, but it’s excellent. The sturdy bristles offer excellent control, and the product flows beautifully – well enough that it glides on, but not so much that it goes everywhere. I’ve been pretty apathetic about eyeliner lately, but Tattoo Liner has got me excited. A+, KvD.