Aveeno Nourish Condition Leave In

Aveeno Nourish + Condition Leave InAveeno Nourish Condition Leave In

I searched for a leave-in conditioner for ages and came up dry (I do not apologize for puns). I guess they’re not cool right now in the era of hair serums and oils. For me, Josie Maran Argan Oil is too rich (literally and fiscally) for my hair. About a month before my trip, after ages of scouring stores, I discovered and ordered the Aveeno Nourish Condition Leave In from drugstore.com.

When Aveeno’s Nourish+ collection of haircare came out eons ago, I tried and loved the Nourish + Soothe line, but it got discontinued. I was excited to see how this leave-in would treat me but also a little nervous considering the way my hair likes to behave when it comes to protein treatments. I decided to try anyway, because (for instance), keratin and silk proteins are different from wheat protein. It might not be all bad (for me), right?

The Claims

According to Aveeno, the rife-with-buzz-words product (“exclusive Active Naturals formula infused with Nourishing Wheat Complex,” uh-huh):

Quenches the thirstiest hair with a fusion of deep conditioners and moisturizers, recharging it with healthy new life.  Hair is instantly revitalized and scientific studies show that just three uses helps repair dry damaged hair.

How I wish I had a lab to validate all these claims.
Alas, I’ll have to rely on what I can observe within my own means.

It bears repeating on this blog that I blow dry my hair often in the winter, but less during the warmer months. In the summer, I rarely heat-style, but I more liberally use shortcut/timesavers like 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioners when I need to shower in the morning. Ultimately, my hair is neither in flawless shape nor damaged, but it can be slightly dry at the ends when I use things like that.


The 5.4 oz bottle is a trigger mist with fairly broad coverage. This dispensing method gives you less control over as compared to a cream leave in. This is definitely a, “less is more,” situation. Because I don’t want to risk the product going everywhere, I spray into the palm of my hand and then use my hands to distribute the product throughout my hair. It isn’t the best way to go about it since the product is so thin, but I don’t want to inadvertently mist it on my face, clothing, or too high on my head (and risk looking greasy).

The Bottom Line

I’ve used the Aveeno Nourish Condition Leave In since mid-March and it simply isn’t a prodigy. If you struggle with tangles, this could work for you as a, “grown up,” detangler. It has a pleasant, subtle fragrance. After three uses, I did not notice a marked improvement in my hair. Nor did I after five, seven, or ten. Or a month. Or three months. It’s a temporary fix, and can get you through the day – but use will not result in long-term improvement of your locks. If you buy this, adjust your expectations accordingly. I will not repurchase simply because I don’t have need for a detangling spray in my hair product arsenal.