If I Lost All My Makeup

Instead of the, “If you were on a deserted island and could only have one item of makeup, what would it be?” question, I’m examining a new one:

If I lost all my makeup in some tragic accident and had to replace it…

…what would I buy?

Inspired by tragic makeup losses everywhere, I sat down to reevaluate my collection. I’m giving myself a $150 budget. I am not including brushes in this, just the products themselves.


Lorac PRO, $44 – Versatile, great quality.

Maybelline Gel Liner

Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner, $8 – Inexpensive, performs amazingly well (including when you are irresponsible and forget to remove your makeup before bed).


L’Oreal Telescopic Carbon Black, $7.50 – It’s a great drugstore mascara. It isn’t heavy on the drama, but it is perfect for work and everyday use.


Maybelline Instant Age Rewind, $8 – Still my tried-and-true. I use Pro Longwear now, too, but Instant Age Rewind is what I reach for when I’m in a rush and or need to keep it simple…aka most days. I really like how Pro Longwear wears, but I don’t have time for beautyblender concealer buffing every day.

Foundation, $40 – Well, I can’t buy any more Ponds Luminous Finish BB+, so Naked Skin Powder foundation…or I’d try one of the new MUFE options. I listed the price as an average between the two.

luminosoMilani Luminoso, $9 – No highlight needed with this radiant blush.

Urban Decay All Nighter

Urban Decay All Nighter, $32 – Setting spray is one thing I found through learning how to do bridal makeup that I now cannot live without. It’s a splurge, yes, shoot me.

Did I stay within budget?!

I skipped face primer because I only it when I really need my makeup to be 110%. I’ve only just begun to embrace highlighting and and the blush provides just sheen to make you look a little more alive. Since I’m only just now figuring out contouring it wouldn’t be terribly missed if I lost all my makeup. Eventually, I would rebuild and add on other items of importance, like an eye primer, Urban Decay Naked2 Basics. and Naked.

44 + 8 + 7.50 + 8 + 40 + 9 + 32 = $148.50 … technically under $150, but there’s always tax to consider.

Strategies to save:

  1. Buy the Maybelline and L’Oreal on sale/with a manufacturer’s coupon. Each item can be had for at least $1.50 less.
  2. I’m not sure if Milani has coupons, but it goes on sale on drugstore.com and CVS!
  3. Take advantage of a 20% off Ulta Platinum code to use on the palette and setting spray. Powder, too, if I went that route, but we’ll assume no savings there.

With that being said, the cost of replacing everything if I lost all my makeup…

35.20 + 6.50 + 6 + 6.50 + 40 + 8 + 25.60 = $127.80

Toss in eBates for cash back and drop that down even further. That isn’t going to some great lengths to save, either – that’s how I normally shop. I’d have everything I need, plus a couple wants, and money to left over to pick up a lipcolor – I would probably just go for a tinted balm to start off with.

2 thoughts on “If I Lost All My Makeup”

  1. If I had $150, I would buy a Naked Palette, Estée Lauder DW, drug store liner & mascara, Maybeline Mineral Powder, and tons of NYC Smoochproof lipstains and call it a day. If I had any left over money, I would buy a subscription beauty box just for something to play with

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