Clarisonic Precision Brush

Do I talk about Clarisonics too much? Sorry. I’m not sponsored or anything, they don’t know who the hell I am – I just like the dang thing. But don’t worry, this isn’t much of the same – today, I’m sharing a neat trick with you.


So while Clarisonic has a ton of different brush-heads, they don’t really have a variety of sizes. If you splurged on the fancier PLUS model(s) that can accomodate the body brush, great, you have access to a larger one. If I’m not mistaken, the diameter of the luxury heads, too, is slightly smaller than the traditional heads, but not buy a bunch.

Have you ever wanted a smaller brush head that makes it easier to work around, for example, the contours of your nose? A Clarisonic precision brush?

Clarisonic Precision Brush How-To

Guess what – you already have one! Really! Check this out.

Go grab your Clarisonic and pop the brush head off as if you were going to clean it or change it entirely. You might notice that the center-most piece wiggles a little bit.

Clarisonic Precision Brush How-To - Step 1

It comes out! Gently (so gently, you really don’t need much pressure at all, so don’t force it!) press in one or two of the little, “arms,” on the underside of the center part of the brush…

Clarisonic Precision Brush How-To - Step 2Which will dislodge it from the outside. The center pops right off…

Clarisonic Precision Brush How-To - Step 3

…and back onto the brush handle! Bam, a Clarisonic precision brush. The center pops off the handle and back into the outer brush just as easily.

Clarisonic Precision Brush How-To - Step 4

You can power it back on and proceed to use it normally. I especially love this when my sebaceous filiaments are being extra-sassy, which happens from time to time. Usually, I’ll wash my face with my Clarisonic like normal, pop the head off and the center out, then back on the brush, then run through another 30-second phase (I own a Mia2) where I get them badly, which is on, just to the sides of, and just below my nostrils. I also occasionally have weird texture on the upper part of my nose, across the bridge and between my eyes – so I’ll run an extra 30-second cycle there, too. I usually do not use additional cleanser for this unless I felt my skin was particularly gross that day.

So there you have it – a Clarisonic precision brush head for no extra money, no weird scary device modification or, “hacking,” that might void your warranty.

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