March 2015 Favorites

March 2015 Favorites
March 2015 Favorites
1. Travelon Sleep Mask, $8 / 2. Contigo Grace Water Bottle, $11 /
3. Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics, $29 / 4. The Wet Brush, $9

A-ha! You thought, “Oh, first Wednesday of the month fell on the first day of the month…no favorites until next week.”

April Fools on you – I actually managed to get my March 2015 Favorites up regardless!

I never said my favorites had to be exclusively makeup and skincare, and sometimes they aren’t. I actually picked this mask up for $3.99 at Marshalls. I like it to be as dark as possible when I go to sleep, but my better half likes to fall asleep with, say, a movie on. This mask is superior to classic sleep masks on two fronts – 1) the eye area is cupped instead of flat so it doesn’t lie flush against your face (more comfortable!) and 2) the strap on the back is adjustable via an elastic strap with velcro (that doesn’t snag your hair!).

Following non-makeup/hair is a new water bottle. Once upon a time I was a VERY heavy soda drinker. Now, tea is my main squeeze but I have been working to improve my water intake. Keeping a bottle that is only for water with me at all times helps me stay, “on task,” with drinking more water. I used to have a Camelbak Eddy bottle that I really liked but replacing the bite valve sucked, so I switched to this, the Contigo Grace. There’s a push button on the back of the cap that you depress when you sip – one handed operation. Measurement marks if you’re hardcore about it. Yes, your skin really does end up looking better (and more importantly, you do FEEL better) when you’re drinking more water/fewer diuretics (she admits, grudgingly, after years of digging her heels in).

This has become my go-to for shadow during the work-week. Its easy, no-thought-necessary, and is indeed awesome on its own or with other things. It’s really given me a new appreciation of all-matte looks.

It was still pretty cold in March so I was blow drying after three out of four shampoos. I’ve chattered about my new-found love of the Wet Brush before, but seriously you need this in your life. It detangles more effectively and gently than even a wide-tooth comb.

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