Spring Brush Cleaning

Spring (Brush) CleaningSpring Brush Cleaning

Nothing huge or substantial – I was slacking on deep-cleaning my brushes, having been resorting to spot-cleaning for weeks (yeah.) out of laziness (I normally wash them every 2-3 weeks, this was…longer). I knocked it out last night – over 20 brushes and 3 sponges, no small feat! There are actually more than what is pictured, but those were dry last night, so they were already put away.

I’m still washing my brushes the way I shared last year, so be sure to check that post out if you aren’t sure how to or if you want to see how others do.

Equally important for their longevity is drying them – which I also do the same way. “If it ain’t broke,” and so forth. Detailed list of what is shown here after the jump.

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