Stop Nail Biting

Confession: once upon a time, many many many moons ago (really, eons), I was guilty of nail biting (ew). They weren’t cute (obviously).

Nail Biting - Image Courtesy WikipediaNail Biting

Those aren’t my nails, by the way – that picture is courtesy Wikipedia. Anyway, when you look for solutions to stop nail biting, you often see bottles of liquid that you apply to your nails or fingertips as a deterrent – usually they have a bitter or otherwise foul flavor to them. You brush it on, then when you absentmindedly go to bite, you’re met with an unpleasant flavor.

I’m not a fan of this method, as we are neither children being taught not to swear nor beasts being deterred from gnawing on things. We are civilized, we can overcome this ourselves and stop nail biting without wasting money on foul-tasting liquid that prompts us to grimace and gag.

I, “fixed,” my problem a long time ago, but since so many people are surprised to learn that I used to bite them, I figured I’d share my secret to success. It doesn’t involve weird diversions, stuff that tastes gross or makes your hands smell, weird supplements, etc.


Paint your nails.

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