Matte Gel Polish Topcoats

Matte Gel Polish vs. Matte Classic Polish

In recent months, a few of the leading gel polish providers have released new matte gel polish top coats for those who like to mix up their polish wear. Harmony Gelish offers one ($14), the OPI Gelcolor line has one ($12), and now, so does Sensationail ($10). Matte nails and matte nail art have stuck around as on-trend for a few years now, so it makes sense that the gel giants would like to tap into the market. More people are adopting gel manicures than ever, so it makes sense from a business/sales perspective.

As for me, I’m less concerned with what’s on-trend, nail-wise (or otherwise). I still wear matte nails from time to time (metallic and glittery polishes look outstanding mattified), but I haven’t invested in, and probably will not invest in, any matte gel polish topcoats.


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