How to: Care for Your Hairdryer

How to Care for Your Hairdryer

Confessions from a Dusty Apartment: That is my hairdryer’s filter and yes, it is dusty and covered in lint. No wonder it was failing to perform!

We clean our homes. We clean our brushes (or at least pretend we do). Frequently, though, styling tools get neglected. Sure, you might be removing excess hair from your brushes as it accumulates, but are you cleaning your hot tools? What about your hairdryer? Yeah – didn’t think so! Fortunately, it is super easy (inexpensive, and quick!) to care for your hairdryer.

Like many people, I left my hairdryer to face neglect. My dryer isn’t a fancy, performance dryer like a Neuro or Speed Freak. Instead, it is a modest (yet delightfully effective) Conair that my husband gifted me a few years ago. I was sad, earlier this year, when its performance started to wane. One day, I noticed that the dryer itself started to seem a bit hotter than usual although the air it was outputting was not. To top that off, the airflow wasn’t as powerful, either. After first giving it a quick blast with a can of compressed air to dislodge some of the fluff, I noticed an immediate improvement in my dryer’s performance. Shockingly, the picture above is after the compressed air. Oops. Then, I set out to do it, “right.”

The Right Way

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