TonyMoly at Sephora

It’s pretty cool to see unadulterated (well, I think they’re unadulterated – I haven’t tried them and compared them to ones from import retailers) Korean beauty products in the western market. Sure, there are weird things like snail emulsions (though not from TonyMoly as far as I know), but they have a lot of effective skincare, and perhaps even more adorable beauty products.

TonyMoly Logo

I gushed when I first learned some TonyMoly was popping up at Sephora. Now, they have a few more products in addition to the Bbo Bbo lip balms – moisture sprays, hand creams, facial sticks whose purpose I’m not entirely sure of…

TonyMoly Products at Sephora
TonyMoly Pocket Bunny Moist Mist, Peach Hand Cream, Bbo Bbo Balm

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