Discontinued Products I Miss

This legacy post has been given a facelift. Content has been edited for clarity and flow, but opinions are the same. Additional (new) commentary is in line.

We’ve all had it happen – find an item we love, use it (if consumable) or wear it out (if not), go to restock or replace only to be met with sadness.

Here’s a list of discontinued products I miss!

Discontinued Products - Ponds Luminous Finish BB+Ponds Luminous Finish BB+

I feel like I just reviewed this – I haven’t finished my tube, but now I’m in ration-mode because they already discontinued it. They still have it on Amazon through third-party merchants, but I’m still debating on it.

Discontinued Products - Maybelline Wet-Shine Diamonds Rhinestone Pink

Maybelline Wet Shine Diamonds – Pink Rhinestone

An ooooldie, but I long for it on the regular. It’s a shimmery light pink that is perfect. The formula was awesome and it was pretty and I went through THREE whole bottles of it. Three. Even though I’m a gel fanatic now, I would gleefully purchase this if they re-released it. Meanwhile, I’ve been unsuccessfully hunting for a dupe. 2018 Update: I still pine for this polish. It has now been well over a decade after I’ve worn it and it tugs at my damn heartstrings because it. was. perfect!

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