Worth it? Dieux Forever Eye Mask (Reusable Eye Mask)

Dieux Forever Eye Mask

Dieux you know what? Dieux Forever Eye Masks ($25) came back in stock shortly after I mentioned them in February 2021. I flung myself at the ordering page. Within a few days, they were on my doorstep – and then my face. Annnnd then I kinda did this hiatus and didn’t mention them again for a year and a half, basically.

I’ve been on this gradual conversion to reusables for a few years now. I enjoy eye masks, but they seem pretty expensive for what they are, and then there’s all this waste. Using disposables doesn’t align with how I want to live, especially considering the ultimately frivolous nature of beauty items.

What I Love about Dieux Forever Eye Mask

They’re durable

I have used these at least once a week since getting them over eighteen months ago, and they’re still going strong. The lightweight silicone used in the Dieux Forever Eye Mask shows no sign of degradation in that time, and I wash them both before and after usage.

They’re effective

They keep my eye products in place so they can sink in without migrating elsewhere (like to my cheek) or drying prematurely. This is the ultimate thing I want from under-eye patches.

They don’t dry up

Single-use eye mask patches can dry up and stick to your face if you leave them on too long. That can result in discomfort, especially when its time to remove. That isn’t a thing with Dieux Forever Eye Mask. If you put them on, get to work on something, and realize an hour later that you haven’t removed them yet – no problem.

What I Don’t


They curl. Persistently. I knew curling was a possibility, since Dieux addresses it on their site – sometimes either too much product or not enough can prompt that behavior. The problem is that I cannot find the sweet spot. I realize that it isn’t just a constant, “use X amount of Y product and you win,” because factors such as humidity in your home will have an impact, but still.

It’s annoying to occasionally have to re-adhere them.

The Bottom Line

For me, the benefits of being non-disposable outweigh the annoyance of having to re-adhere them sometimes. That said, I fully acknowledge that some will not be as willing to make that trade-off.

There ARE other brands on the market now, but I haven’t tried them because that defeats the point of the whole reducing consumption/disposables. One seems to be exclusively at Ulta, so I won’t bother writing about them. Pacifica carries a similar product for about $10 less – the shape is slightly different, and may be better suited for certain face shapes. Likewise, the way the patches are shaped differs; while I don’t know if it would help with rolling, they seem like a thicker silicone and it might help.