SO COOL: Dieux Forever Eye Mask

The sheet mask trend has completely missed me. What value is having a sheet on my face? It seems wasteful; I’d rather just slather the product on. But although the sheet mask trend isn’t for me, the little swoop eye masks are not only relevant to my interests but a fairly important part of not looking quite so … zombified. So learning about the Dieux Forever Eye Mask blew my mind.

Over the years, I’ve been working towards a more mindful approach to my consumption and use of disposables. I no longer use makeup wipes, have drastically reduced my use of disposable cotton, and done several other things to lower my beauty waste. Under-eye masks, however, didn’t have a good swap or alternative, though – until now.

The Dieux Forever Eye Mask

What makes these eye masks so great?

The fact that they are washable, reusable, medical grade silicone. Instead of being a product that you use once and toss, you can wash them and use them in perpetuity with your preferred product. You can learn more about the mask here.

Impact on Waste

I’m SO giddy about this mask: not only is it a more cost effective approach, is it less packaging and less waste all around. Let’s say you used an eye mask every day and then switched to the Dieux Forever Eye Mask, which is stored in a tin.

That’s 365 little plastic/foil pouches with interior structural plastic to dispose of. The interior plastic MIGHT be recyclable, but the mixed materials often mean it isn’t.

The Dieux Forever Eye Mask’s design theoretically allows you to get more performance out of less product, too – so eye creams and serum should get more mileage.


The Dieux Forever Eye Mask goes for $25 and is, at the time of writing, tragically sold out. That said, they do have a waitlist. When you consider how much single-use masks are (granted, they often do include product), this is a no brainer.

When you consider that your eye creams/serums/etc should last longer, that translates to savings, too. The Dieux teameven shares some eye cream recommendations (for products they do not sell). The list even includes some great commentary on a highly-accessible Neutrogena option (and I love their reasoning).

The Bottom Line

I don’t own a Dieux Forever Eye Mask yet since they’re sold out, but I joined the waitlist and intend to purchase as soon as I can. I can’t wait to use this and report back about whether it is worth the $25.

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