What I Bought at the 2018 VIB Sale

The November Beauty Insider / VIB Sale is now behind us. What, for many beauty lovers, is a time of spending excess was calculated restraint for me. Although I’ve heavily reined in my beauty spending over the past few years, purchasing a home does a number on your priorities.

Details on what I bought at the 2018 VIB Sale after the jump.

2018 VIB Sale Buys

2018 VIB Sale Buys
Kopari Coconut Oil Deodorant, $14 / Ole Henriksen Truth Serum 3.4oz, $128 / Sephora Exfoliating Mitt, $5

Au Naturale

I eschew antiperspirant and typically use men’s deodorant. Every now and then, I dabble in the natural-ish deodorant world. I’ve tried Lavanila (it was OK; I didn’t dislike it but I liked just using Bearglove more). I’m trying one from Schmidt’s. This one is coming highly rated, lately, without the usual frothing-at-the-mouth that accompanies ephemeral hype – so I figured I’d give it a shot. I don’t have anything to say about it yet other than that the stick smells nice.

Tell the Truth

I still haven’t written a review of Truth Serum in spite of using it for quite a while, now. Usually, I buy the 1.7oz bottles to the tune of $72 – and indeed, I did back at the August sale. I’ve only just gotten into that bottle. Around the holidays, though, they release a gigantic 3.4oz bottle that should last me approximately five-ever. With Winter practically here (not by the calendar, but by the weather, my skin can use all the Vitamin C I can give it. With 20% off and a gift card in hand, I decided not to pass it up.

Slough it Off

I have a mitt like this from St. Tropez that is surprisingly excellent for exfoliation both for tanning prep, post-shave, and just because. They don’t last forever, though, so I picked up Sephora’s cheaper version.