A Busted BioSilk Cap, A Product Spilled

Once I finished my bottle of Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum, I bought a bottle of BioSilk ($25). I’ve been using it for a while, but was not really ready to give a comprehensive review of it. So if you came here hoping for that – this isn’t that.

After leaving my hair in a Turbie Twist for about twenty minutes post-shower, I returned to my bathroom to blow out my hair. Upon opening my hair drawer, I smelled BioSilk’s signature scent. Not a touch, but a lot. Gagging. Too much!

Uh oh.

A Spill

Take a look in and see that, due to a faulty cap, about half the bottle had spilled into the clear Sterlite Drawer in which it lives.

So, bitterly, I learned that Biosilk does not clean up off of plastics easily. It took FOREVER, and ended up inspiring a pre-move purge.

I learned that its cap freaking sucks; I confirmed that it WAS securely capped, no cracks or breaks in the cap housing or the bottle.

The Bottom Line

For a product that costs as much as Biosilk does, this experience was entirely unacceptable. The product was decent enough, but based solely on the cap chaos and spilled product, I want nothing to do with it and can’t recommend it.