Chapstick Duo: Novel, but Not Good

Chapstick DuoChapstick Duo, $4

A few weeks ago, my lips were dry ALL. DAMN. DAY. Miraculously, I somehow had no lip balm in my purse OR desk at work.


After work, my husband and I had an appointment and couldn’t stop home for me to restock from my stash there. My lips were DYING, so we stopped at a CVS so I could run in and get some balm. I just went up to the register, expecting regular ol’ standby Chapstick to be there. NOPE.

Instead, I’m greeted with Chapstick Duo, a silly-looking double-ended EOS wannabe. The appeal of Chapstick Duo is that you get two balm flavors; mine was a sophisticated pairing of Cotton Candy and Pink Cupcake. There was no time; I grabbed it, paid, and went on my way.


Neither are quite right. The Cotton Candy flavor has a stale quality to it – like faux cotton candy body spray and ashtray. It smells AND tastes that way. Just what anyone wants on their lips!

Pink Cupcake is more palatable for sure.

Benefits vs. Reality

Chapstick Duo claims to offer eight hours of moisturization.

My experience disagrees. Most balms of this nature can’t actually do that, but I found that the performance of this product fell below that of classic Chapstick.

The Bottom Line

The key gimmick about Chapstick Duo is that the halves can be separated and attached to other half from the line. Neat, I guess, but not enough of a value for me to want to try the other flavors. It’s just that: a gimmick.

In short, I would not repurchase Chapstick Duo, nor would I recommend. I’ll keep it around for future emergency scenarios, but it isn’t anything to write home about other than to say, “Don’t bother, stick with classic Original or Cherry.”