Monday Musings: TIFU – Salvaging Botched Eyeshadow

Salvaging Botched eyeshadow - Wet n Wild Walking on Eggshells TrioWet n Wild Walking on Eggshells trio, discontinued

As a lover of sleep, I am often not awake in time to do the whole nine yards in the morning. I frequently cut corners and keep my daily makeup minimal and simple. There’s not a lot of room for error, which is great – because as someone who used to wear winged liner a lot, ain’t nobody got time for salvaging botched eyeshadow and eyeliner because you twitched or sneezed while applying a wing.

Lately, I’ve made a little more time for myself in the morning because starting the day with an application of warpaint can be fun too.

Last week, I got my complexion evened out and went about my eyes with a two-shade application from Walking on Eggshells. I slapped the lid color on my lid fairly generously. Then, with a Sonia Kashuk no. 116 (cheap! versatile! accessible! also loved by Sam), I picked up the crease shade (a bronze-y tone), tapped off the excess, and slapped it where it belonged with sweeping windshield-wiper motions.

…on the right eye, anyway.

End result? Subtle, pretty crease definition that isn’t obvious; you can’t see where the lid shade ends and the crease begins. You can’t see where the crease shade ends and skin begins.

It wasn’t until I applied the left side that I achieved the, “TIFU,” part of the post. I neglected that critical, “tap off the excess,” step. It wasn’t until I set my brush down and LOOKED at myself that I realized I had made a grave mistake. So much, too much, bronze. When you achieve a cut crease without intending to achieve a cut crease – ow. I looked like a child who had gotten into their mom’s makeup bag. Not a great feeling at 5:50AM, let me tell you.

My reaction? Panic! How the hell do I fix this?! I don’t have time to start over! Maaaan…


Fortunately, problem solving is basically how I earn a living. What’s a little facepaint? Here’s how I went about salvaging my botched eyeshadow.

  • First, tissue. Blot off the hyper excess. Better already, but still a bit like a bronze panda.
  • Second, q-tip, micellar water. Dab, dab, dab away the remaining harsh areas and lines of demarcation.
  • Tap with tissue again.
  • With a clean blending brush, blend out any weird bits.
  • With the proper method, reapply a mixture of the lid and crease shades.

Better. Presentable. As far as I could tell, no one noticed. Success!

The Bottom Line

Correcting my mistake took no more than thirty seconds once I calmed down and assessed the situation. Granted, it helps that the crease shade and the lid shade were not worlds away, but still. Don’t panic – unless you have eyeliner or mascara everywhere, you can probably succeed at salvaging botched eyeshadow.