Broken ColourPop Pans

Recently, ColourPop entered a distribution arrangement with Sephora.  Now, its more accessible to the masses who didn’t want to only order directly from ColourPop, pay shipping, etc. If you have Sephora Flash, you don’t pay shipping at all past the $10 annual fee.

Heard it Secondhand

Seeing as I have enough eyeshadow to probably last my entire life, I’m not looking to add any to my collection even if they’re cute and accessible and inexpensive. So this isn’t my experience. I’ve never used ColourPop in my life.

A colleague of mine was looking for a pretty, low-effort shade that could be quickly swiped across the lids in the morning. Like me, she doesn’t have time (or the bothers to give) for a full face She ultimately chose a Colorpop shade.


What’s more sad than a shattered pan of eyeshadow?

A shattered palette well, also true but a brand new shattered pan of eyeshadow.

Disappointed in her broken ColourPop shadow, she reached out to Sephora. They pleasantly chirped that they’d send another out. At what seemed like long last, that other arrived…

…also shattered.

Quality Control

I wasn’t sure if the broken ColourPop shadows were a thing or if it was just bad luck. I took to the internet to see what other consumers were saying.

–unfortunately, it’s a thing.

That, “thing,” predates ColourPop’s relationship with Sephora. Blogs and Reddit are awash with tales similar to hers. Some customers had tales of remarkably unfortunate customer service from ColourPop themselves. There are YouTube videos dedicated to, “How to Fix ColourPop Shadows!” in the first few Google results if you search, “shattered colourpop pans,” which is mindblowing.

Shameless Fripperies has a nice photo demonstrating the type of carnage my colleague received. Check out her review here.

What gives, ColourPop? I know the shadows retail for like $5. That’s awesome! But if you can count on more pans arriving damaged than not, that is a major quality control issue.

The Bottom Line

It’s nice to know it isn’t Sephora’s fault. I don’t understand, though, why they’d strike up a distribution deal with a company whose product is so fragile. Frankly, it’s embarrassing.

As for me, I wasn’t in the market for eyeshadow anyway – but reading all of these disappointing accounts doesn’t make me eager to buy one. I never want to buy a product expecting to have to do repair work!

Have you tried ColourPop eyeshadows? Do you find them to be worth it in spite of these clear quality control issues?